Delta and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill celebrated the Tar Heels' run in the college basketball tournament today at Raleigh-Durham airport by sending off fans headed to Phoenix for...
Students gathered around computer
Delta gave students from universities all over the country 48 hours to "hack" innovative ideas related to air travel.
Delta is strengthening its connections in the Triangle community by partnering with the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University.
Last year, Delta signed exclusive agreements with universities across the country in an effort to become a lifelong travel partner to future customers.
Indiana University bike build
Earlier this week, more than 200 student volunteers from Indiana University teamed up with Delta to build about 50 new bikes to benefit a Bloomington, Ind., nonprofit. The event took place ahead of...
Map of the USA with Colleges selected
How an 86-year-old airline stays relevant with tomorrow’s travelers through partnerships that go beyond logo placement.