The airline recently updated its 100th aircraft with improved high-speed Wi-Fi, powered by Gogo 2Ku's industry-leading in-flight Wi-Fi technology.
Aircraft Engine with Sunrise
Lifehacker, a daily blog devoted to making life easier, says Delta is the best U.S. airline for holiday travel.
Delta has completed installation of Wi-Fi on its entire long-haul international fleet and is now the only U.S. airline to do so.
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“We want to ensure customers have the ability to participate in the political process in every way possible while they are traveling with us,” a Delta leader said.
Delta congratulates its Brazilian partner GOL on being the first South American airline to launch an onboard Wi-Fi service.
2Ku will offer customers faster speeds and bandwidth, at more than 20 times Delta’s current Gogo ATG technology.
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Delta Wi-Fi (Image)

NEW YORK - For the millions of passengers who fly coast-to-coast each year, Delta will soon offer additional and upgraded transcontinental service, cementing the airline’s leading position on two of...
In-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo announced it has entered into an agreement with Brazilian carrier GOL. Gogo will install its next generation 2Ku satellite-based service on GOL aircraft in 2016. Gogo...

Wi-Fi (Image)

Wi-Fi service placard in the Main Cabin of a CRJ900 aircraft.