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Delta’s new TV spot “Take Off” launched Tuesday, and it’s making waves in the advertising community for its departure from traditional airline ads.

The spot was filmed in just one take from the viewpoint of an airplane during its takeoff roll, and no airplanes are shown in the spot. Advertising and creative media trade publications recognized the ad for its notable new approach.

Creativity, called the new spot the airline’s “Ode to Flight.”

“Delta's new TV spot was filmed entirely in one take, from the perspective of a plane taxi-ing along a runway to take off. While that may sound kind of boring, it's actually exhilarating, and clever as the viewer won't understand at first what's going on.”

FastCoCreate said the spot “almost makes air travel feel downright poetic."

“Donald Sutherland's voice reminds us why it's amazing that we can sit in a metal tube flying through the air.”

AdWeek recognized the spot as its Ad of the Day, calling it “the most high-concept airline ad in a while” and noting the visual approach of no airplanes and mostly runway was, “brave” and “unique.”

“It’s an admirable attempt at trying something new for the category,” AdWeek’s Agency Spy said.

The recognition is affirmation that Delta is doing things differently in all areas of its business – from operational performance, to customer service and even to branding. The anthemic spot is part of Delta’s Keep Climbing campaign, which focuses on the airline’s relentless spirit of always seeking progress and innovation for customers. 

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