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Finally, you booked your dream vacation to Paris. The next step? Text everyone you know! With the new Delta Travel Stickers for iMessage, travelers can add a little color – as well as a Delta airplane, international destinations or Biscoff cookies – to texts celebrating their next adventure.

Sample of Delta Travel Stickers
As one of the first brands to be included in Apple’s new “sticker” feature, Delta is giving customers a new way to connect with the airline.

Similar to emojis, iMessage stickers add a visual element to texts, livening up conversations. When Apple launched the new feature as part of its iOS 10 software update earlier this month, Delta jumped on the opportunity in effort to engage with a key consumer market that likes to text: millennials.

"As we continue to seek ways to reach them in the channels they use, we saw stickers to be a relevant way to connect with them and spread the Delta brand in a fun and innovative way,” said Ryan McFerrin, Manager – Brand Communications. “It also gave us a moment to be first in market and a unique chance to highlight the airline and travel in general.”

Delta’s initial pack includes 21 travel-themed stickers; however, the pack will be updated regularly with new stickers. The airline plans to launch stickers with a pink theme in October in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which the airline and its customers have supported since 2005.

Delta Travel Stickers are available now for iPhone users to download from the iMessage App Store.

Sample of Delta Travel Stickers

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