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Delta debuted a TV spot celebrating the pursuit of life’s greatest opportunities during the GRAMMY broadcast Monday evening.

“Tell the World” celebrates life’s defining moments – when there’s no turning back, that moment on the cusp of something magical, that culminates a lifetime of preparation, that stays with you forever. The spot tells the story of how Delta enables these moments for customers around the world – in business, adventure or romance.

“We’re particularly excited about this new spot in that it represents a departure from traditional airline advertising,” said Tim Mapes, Delta’s Senior Vice President – Marketing. “It does so by breaking from the pattern of showing planes and uniformed employees, and really shifting the emphasis off of us as the airline and onto where Delta’s emphasis is, which is on the customer.”

Shifting the emphasis onto the customer’s journey began in September, when Delta launched “Take Off,” a spot inspiring people to ‘Go’ – to fly toward something better, to explore a world of possibilities. "Take Off" was recognized for its notable new approach – it was filmed in just one take from the viewpoint of an airplane during its takeoff roll, and no airplanes are shown in the spot. 

"Tell the World" premiered during the GRAMMY broadcast in several of Delta’s key markets – Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle – and will continue to run nationally throughout the first half of 2016 in high-profile broadcast and online placements, such as during March Madness and primetime on ABC.

In coming weeks, Delta will also launch new national brand and product messages on billboards, digital banners, digital video, social media, on aircraft and in airports.