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In a new video, a family of Delta pilots across three generations celebrate the retirement of one and the budding career of another.

Atlanta-based Capt. Steve W. flew his final flight this year with 38 years under his belt, while his son, Detroit-based First Officer Brian W., sat in behind him the jump seat.

“As they cleared us for takeoff, [Dad] looked back at me and said, ‘One more takeoff,’” Brian said. “I started to tear up a little bit. I’ve known nothing else; he’s gone to work every week.”

Steve said it was bittersweet to be retiring from Delta after following in the footsteps of his own father, a longtime pilot Northwest Airlines, which subsequently merged with Delta. Still, he is proud to be ‘passing on the baton’ to his son, who is just beginning his career at the airline.

“What’s different about Delta is the warmth; it’s the way they take care of their people. It’s their genuine concern,” Steve said. “I’d like to think after 38 years, I had some impact on the lives of the people I worked with and had some small part in making Delta the great airline that it is."

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