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The Delta Air Lines uniform has been a visual statement about the company's commitment to streamlined and professional service since its inception. This timeline chronicles the evolution of the Delta uniform, from off-the-rack suits at Rich's department store to on-the-runway ensembles by world-renowned fashion designer Zac Posen.

Delta will reveal the new collection at an exclusive event on Tuesday, Oct. 18, in Atlanta. Watch the event live on Delta's Facebook page starting at 1:30 p.m. ET, and follow real-time event updates via the hashtag #DeltaRunwayReveal on @DeltaNewsHub.

Here are a few airline terms you might find helpful while viewing the timeline:

FRONTLINE: Employees who interact with or impact the customer experience directly. This group includes, but is not limited to, ticketing and gate agents, ramp agents, maintenance technicians, flight attendants, pilots and reservation sales specialists.
ABOVE WING (AW): Employee work areas above the wings of the plane or within the aircraft, boarding gate and airport lobby.
  • Types of employees in this area:
    • Airport Customer Service agents (ACS): Ticketing, gates, Red Coats, Sky Club and Operations Service Managers (OSMs)
    • In-Flight Service (IFS): Flight attendants
    • FlightOps (FOPs): Pilots

GATEHOUSE: The area in and around airport arrival and departure gates.

BELOW WING (BW): Employee work areas below the wings of the plane or on the ramp level of the airport

  • Types of employees in this area:
    • Ramp agents
    • Cargo agents
    • TechOps: Aircraft maintenance technicians
    • GSE: Ground Support Equipment technicians

RAMP: Area at the airport where aircraft load and unload passengers or cargo, and park for maintenance or refueling.

Staffers Marie Force, Shannon Ledwich and Courtney Williams contributed to this story.