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Following media coverage of severe turbulence on other airlines, TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen visited Delta's training center in Atlanta to learn how to stay safe when turbulence strikes and how the airline is making a smoother flight possible with its innovative app for pilots.

Delta Talks Turbulence Graphic
During the segment, Taylor Fingarson, First Officer and Technical Pilot, explained that turbulence cannot bring a plane down. And, with the Delta's innovative, proprietary turbulence app, pilots like Fingarson can more effectively anticipate and, when possible, avoid turbulence. The app compiles data from the National Weather Service, Delta's own meteorology team and planes currently flying around the globe to provide pilots with a 3D map of the atmospheric conditions along their flight path.

Pilots use this information to ask air traffic control if they can ascend, descend or go around the turbulent air. Even when they can't avoid expected turbulence, the app empowers them to keep customers better informed and prepared.

Next, Rossen spoke with Delta flight attendant and trainer, Manual Hudson, for tips on staying safe during turbulence. Hudson explained that keeping your seatbelt fastened should be second nature on an aircraft, just as in a car. He also demonstrated the correct way to prepare for turbulence for those customers traveling with infants in arms – buckle up securely and hold the child.

Other tips for better preparing for turbulence include:

  • Keep anything you might need access to, like medication or a computer, in a bag under the seat in front of you for easy access.
  • If you see a flight attendant seated and buckled in, you should be as well.
  • Refrain from drinking hot beverages during turbulence.
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