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Delta’s senior leaders addressed the investor community Thursday to discuss the airline’s strategy for continued success in 2017.

“Despite the fact that we had the weakest pricing environment in memory and fuel prices rose from $25 to $55 where they are today, we were still able to achieve a $6 billion pre-tax profit in 2016,” Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian told the group of more than 100 analysts and representatives from investor groups. “Given what we’ve accomplished in 2016, it gives me confidence that again in 2017 we’ll be in that $6 billion range.”

President Glen Hauenstein told analysts that despite this year’s record-breaking performance, the airline still sees many opportunities for improvement.

“We have to continue our journey and believe that America deserves at least one great airline, and we want to be it,” he said.

Chief Operating Officer Gil West said that Delta’s success is a reflection of the airline’s employees providing customers the best service in the industry.