​“This is a chance to be with a generation that we’ll never be able to thank enough,” a Delta captain told passengers on one of the flights to Paris.​
Delta to also debut delightful line up of in-flight amenities across cabins that reduce environmental waste.
Delta Plane in Flight
Delta carried 18.1 million customers across its network, a record for the month of May, including a record 666,769 passengers flown in a single day on May 24.
Delta teams from Oklahoma City in the airline's Operations and Customer Center swiftly began looking for ways to make things right for the 41 5th graders.
Giving customers greater choice, Delta is introducing the newest way to earn miles: purchases with Ticketmaster.
Highlights include introducing eight new routes and two new joint destinations in Mexico, strengthening the network's power in the transborder market.
​​The GSE team is making in-house upgrades to the airline's TUG tractors at a fraction of the cost, driving improved sustainability.
This cancel-free streak complements Delta mainline's long-standing 31-day no-cancel streak.
Delta TechOps provides full-service maintenance to +850 Delta aircraft as well as services to +150 other operators via the airline's Maintenance Repair and Overhaul business.
Delta continues to strategically invest in tools and technology aimed at supporting the airline's ramp and baggage operation.