Timi Cofer and Alan Janbay

Timi Cofer (TC): I was in Dallas, and we were on a 767, like that's how vividly I remember it.  And I was waiting with a passenger in, like, row ten, so just at the beginning of the main cabin.  And he was a quadriplegic, and we were waiting for a carry-off aisle chair to be brought down.  He had a car accident; he was hit by a drunk driver.  And so he shared with me the life-changing experience that that was for him.  And he was young, too.  He was only, like, 24.   So, you know, his whole life had changed, and just the things that we take for granted.  But his spirit was just so positive, and he just had this light that illuminated around him.  And so I just thought here he has had a life-changing experience where he can't walk - may never walk again, and he's out traveling, doing motivational speeches--that's what he was coming from--and really making a positive impact on other people's lives.   Well, at the end of that exchange he was very grateful and really thanked me.  And I just felt like we really made a good connection.  Like I will carry this interaction and this moment with this customer with me into my career.   Most of the other passengers had deplaned, except there was one guy--he must've been a wheelchair passenger as well--who was waiting.  He was in earshot of the conversation.   And the gentleman said, "I am just so impressed at how you just interacted with that young man.  And you'd never know the difference that you're making when you take time to really see people and treat them as humans."   So that for me was life-changing on a personal level, in a, you know, a spiritual level, it had an emotional impact...  It also had an impact on me as a flight attendant, in how I impact my customers, and how I need to treat each of them as individuals and take that time to have those special touch points.  So that's when I learned to do that every single flight with every single customer.

Alan Janbay (AJ): That's awesome.  I'm just excited that we get to provide that premium experience to our customers, from the moment they set foot at our curb, until they board the airplane, and onboard, and when they land.

TC: Yeah.

AJ: So definitely looking forward to growing and growing with Delta.  And I don't know where I'll be next, but I'm loving what I'm doing right now, so...

TC: Awesome.

AJ: ...there's more to come, right?

TC: Yeah, so much more.

AJ: Looking forward to it.

TC: Me, too.