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Roger Salz and Susanna Curtis

Roger Salz (RS): I joined here five years ago and found that the diversity of the company, you know, the acceptance of me as a gay person for example, has been phenomenal.

Susanna Curtis (SC): You just had a very significant event happen in your life.  What was that like after being with someone for so long?

RS: I came to work actually one morning--it was last Friday--and as I was coming into the office, "Good morning, Roger.  How are you?"  I said, "Oh, I'm fine.  Today's going to be my wedding day."

SC: Yeah.

RS: I stopped earlier in the morning on the way to the office at the courthouse in downtown Atlanta to get a license, and I was going to find a minister to perform the wedding at some point over the weekend.  We found out we could do it at the courthouse.   What was impressive when I came to the office, when I made the announcement everybody came, were hugging me, and were so excited, shared the excitement.  I let my boss know and I got wonderful emails from her and other people.   I thought, "Well, this is my proudest moment," when I said "I do."   And it's been great how accepting they've been.  My spouse has been a flight attendant for 34 years.  We met actually on a flight.  It's been a great, great ride, and we're looking forward to 34 more years of happiness.

SC: Yay.  After you got married and you said it was cool to tell people, I wrote to several of the top executives here, say, "Hey, Roger got married to John."  And they were so happy for you.  I mean, I remember Allison Osmond said, "There are no two greater people who love Delta than these two people.  I'm so happy that they're married after all this time."  They are who they say they are.   Delta says on our website that, "We value diversity," that, "We are committed to diversity."  And the people who are in the top who are making these decisions walk the walk.   So that to me is very important, because I want my daughter to grow up in a world where she is able to marry who she loves.  And it's important to me that a company that you work for loves and accepts who you love.

RS: I've worked at places where I couldn't disclose that.

SC: Yeah.

RS: The important thing here is not your sexual identity, or orientation, or color of your skin, or anything; the important thing is that we work together and produce a great product.  And that's really what counts.