Jonathan Mayfield and Edward Cooper

Edward Cooper (EC): I lived in New York with my mother, and her mom, my grandmother, lived in Fort Lauderdale.  So for the summers they would send me down to Fort Lauderdale to spend the summer with my grandmother.  So as an unaccompanied minor I remember a flight attendant in Fort Lauderdale, everyone's off the plane, and I was the last person because I had to be escorted off the plane by the flight attendant.  I remember the flight attendant was so pretty.  She gave me the little Delta model plane and the little wings.

Jonathan Mayfield (JM): Oh yeah.

EC: And she led me off the aircraft to my sister.  Fast forward years later, when I was looking for a job in my twenties...

JM: Mm-hm.

EC: ...and there was an ad in the New York Times for a reservations agent at Delta Airlines.  So I remember thinking, "Well, Delta was okay for me when I was a little kid..."

JM: Right.

EC: " it must be a good company, right?"

JM: Yeah, right.

EC:  "So [LAUGHTER] let me go and try to get a job."  And out of thousands of applicants I think they chose seven of us.  

JM: That's cool.

EC: Didn't you meet your wife in reservations, or on the phone?

JM: I did, but I didn't know that I did.   You know, in 2009 I had a wonderful, amazing first date with my would-be wife, Angela.  And when you meet somebody and you just hit it off, you're just talking, and talking, and talking.  And it finally got around to the point, like, you know, "What do you do for work?" and we were going back and forth.  And I said, “Oh well, I work at Delta."  And she said, "Oh, I absolutely love Delta.  I am so brand-loyal to them.  And let me tell you why."  She proceeded to tell me this story that she was trying to fly home to spend Christmas with her mother.  She was living in Boston at the time.  And she's originally from Florida.  And there was a bad snowstorm up there, lots of cancellations.  And she called reservations, in tears, because, you know, she was a college student, she was ready to get home, it was Christmastime, it was bad weather, and all this kind of stuff was just kind of piling up on her.  And she said that this very nice gentleman named Jonathan got on the phone and assured her that everything was going to be all right, that we would get her on a flight, we would get her home in time for Christmas.  And that's what they did.   And I made her say, "About when was that?  What date?  What year?  Do you remember what time of day that was?"  I was just kind of sitting there trying to hide any kind of grin I might've had welling up on my face.  You know, like, "How do I tell her that that was probably me?"   And we're 99% certain it was.

EC:   Wow.

JM:  So nine years before we actually officially met, we met.  

EC: It was meant to be.

JM: It certainly was.