Kelley Moore and Martha Fisher

Martha Fisher (MF): One of my favorites is the Spirit of Delta, where the flight attendants came together and actually purchased a plane for the airline.  That always gives me goosebumps, and was one of my lasting impressions for my first day of training.  

Kelley Moore (KM): Twenty-two years ago I did fly that airplane an awful lot, and it was always so moving when you got on it because it was ship 102.  I mean, you know, I know it by heart.  Flying as a flight attendant on that airplane was always so special because the employees bought it.  What employees do that for a company?  The employees of Delta are just amazing, absolutely amazing.

MF: Can you tell me a story about a project or collaboration that's very meaningful to you in your time at Delta?

KM: One of my big projects I'm working on right now that is so cross-divisional, and it will touch every single frontline employee who wears a uniform, is the new uniform project.

MF: And we're all so excited.

KM: And I won't tell you what color they are, and I won't tell you what they look like, because I've signed a non-disclosure.  I don't care how much I love you; you can't get it out of me.   But it will really be elevating for our people.  And our people deserve it.  Our people really are the face of the brand of this airline, our frontline employees.  And they really deserve to have the best.  And I will tell you that one of the ladies from above-wing airport customer service, when she saw it, got tears in her eyes she was so excited by...

MF: Aw.

KM: beautiful it is.  So I can't wait to see it on our employees.  I'm thrilled.  It's a labor of love right now.

MF: We're all anxious to see and are so excited to wear them.

KM: You are the next generation.  You will be, hopefully 22 years from now, sitting where I am today.  If you could give the next generation of senior leaders at Delta a piece of advice about your generation what would you tell them?

MF: I would say we carry all those same virtues throughout.  I wouldn't change our morals or anything else that we're doing.  If anything, we're here to help grow and make it stronger.  Joanne Smith said in a newsletter earlier this year, "Our strength is in our people."  Hopefully we continue to bring that to the table.

KM: I agree with that wholeheartedly.  I mean, absolutely.  I was working at JFK, and unfortunately had an ill employee who passed away.   And she was not from the United States; she was from the islands.  And her family didn't have enough money to fly her body home to be buried.  So I reached out to the Care Fund, and I said, "Hey, we really need help getting this employee home to her family so that she can be buried."   And I distinctly remember it because it was Memorial Day weekend, so it was going to be a holiday weekend and the banks were going to be closed.  And the Care Fund moved heaven and earth to get money to have her body shipped back home so that she could be buried.   This company does that.  The people of this company give, and give, and give, and give some more.  It is amazing.