Leric and Lance Perryman

Lance Perryman (Lance): I started with Republic Airlines.  My dad, who worked for United at the time, he got me on with Republic Airlines.  "Okay."  Working on the ramp.  And I moved into doing weight and balance on the aircraft.  The experience was great.  Right next to where I worked my father worked.   We rode together in the morning to work [LAUGHTER], you know?  We would stop and get hot rolls and butter every morning.  It was cool.

Leric Perryman (Leric): Describe a typical day in your job at Delta.

Lance: I get up in the morning and I jump out of bed, you know, 3:15 in the morning I get up, every morning, ready to go, because I enjoy what I do.   No day is ever the same when you're working in the airport.  You could come in in the morning and you're supposed to have 22 people and you have only 18.  But you know what?  The team's going to pull together.  I say every day to them, "Today is going to be a good day," and I wait for a response.  And they say, "Yes, it is."   And, you know, we go out there and we make it a good day.  And we treat the customers with respect.  That's important.  And especially on days when they're having a hard time--delays or weather--it makes a difference.  So actually you started working for Delta five years ago.

Leric: Exactly.  

Lance: People come and say, "Yo, Lance, he's your son."  And they says, "Man, he a good worker.  I like working with Lance."  You worked before as a ticket agent...

Leric: Exactly.

Lance: ...now you're working on the ramp.

Leric: I love working on the ramp.  It's totally different on the ramp.  You know what they say--"Bags don't talk back." [LAUGHTER]

Lance: What is your future plans with Delta?

Leric: My future plan is to graduate school and to move up the ladder with Delta, do the marketing department, try to be a marketing director.

Lance: Okay.  I love that you work at Delta.  If I didn't feel like it was a great place to work I would've never...

Leric: Exactly.

Lance: ...invited you to, you know, apply for the job.  You have a lot of opportunities to do different things here.

Leric: Mm-hm.

Lance: Like my dad said to me, "You shouldn't try to do what I do.  You should try to do better."  That's what I want for you, to do better, do more than I've done.  And I know you can.

Leric: Dad, you're loving, you're caring, you're always there for me, you always motivate me to do better.

Lance: This is the most you've ever talked.

Leric: Yeah, really, yeah.

Lance: [LAUGHTER] This is the most he's ever...

Leric: Yeah, this is [LAUGHTER].

Lance: This is good.  You might need to update your wardrobe, but you did a good job [LAUGHTER].

Leric: [LAUGHTER] "Did a good job."