Gary Anderson and Glynda Pace

Glynda Pace (GP): We thought we were flying in there just to check out the airport and make sure everything was okay, check on our people that were still there.  We took out about 40 people that day that were stranded in the airport.  So we turned that into a live flight.  Little did we know that the next few weeks, the next few months, would be daily rescue flights in and out of that New Orleans station to help the people of New Orleans.   To see our company come in to look at--at what we accomplished there as a team, as an airline, it just doesn't get any better than that.  Delta was absolutely amazing during that time.

Gary Anderson (GA):   Locally we stepped up, corporately...

GP:  Yep.

GA:   ...we stepped up.  When the aftermath was over we fly a 757 in...

GP:   Yes.

GA:   ...with the CEO, and we bring in humanitarian aid...

GP: Right.

GA: the people of my hometown.

GP: Right.

GA:   We were in it to help people every day, but you don't get to help people in that situation...

GP: Right.

GA:   ...not like that.  So that was truly a special time.  And through the adversity we certainly did have an opportunity to get to know each other [LAUGHTER] a little better.

GP: I think anytime that you go through what we went through in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, and leading that team like we did, all of us together, it was just a special time.

GA: We truly believe we're in it every day...

GP: Mm-hm.

GA: help people have a smoother process.

GP: I thank you for all the many years that you've supported me on a professional level and a personal level.  We've grown together and it has been a remarkable journey.

GA: You pushed me, and you believed in me when I may not have believed in myself.  You saw potential, you put pressure on me, and we grew.  We grew together.  And I couldn't be happier where I am today, with what I'm doing today.  And I know I wouldn't be there without you.

GP: Thank you.

GA:  [LAUGHTER] So I appreciate you more than you'll ever know.