Assiatou and Marco Van Bastelaar

Marco Van Bastelaar (MVB):  Well, I thought I was going to get my seat to myself, that whole row, and then all of a sudden you appeared.  I thought you were pretty cute.  And you said, "Excuse me, I think that's my seat, sir."  And it was. 

Assiatou Van Bastelaar (AVB):  So halfway through the flight you sneezed, so I said, "Bless you."  And  I didn't hear you say anything else, so I was, like, "All right, maybe he doesn't want to be bothered."

MVB:  I did say, "Thank you;" you didn't hear it.

AVB:  As we got ready to land he started to talk.  And once we landed he gave me his card.   And I never do this, but for some reason I had the inclination to email you and said, "Hey, I'm headed back to Atlanta."

MVB:  I sent you an email back.  I said, "That's great."  And we set up a date.  You looked great when you showed up.

AVB:   Oh, thank you.

MVB:  You're welcome.

AVB:  The next thing you know the restaurant was closed and we were still sitting there, and we got kicked out.

MVB:   Yes, we did.  Imagine that -- we got kicked out of a restaurant, first date.

AVB:  Exactly.  I liked the fact that you were honest.  Whatever I asked you, you just said it like it was and you didn't really sugarcoat anything.  And it was just refreshing.

MVB:   At first I thought we were going to be just friends.  And then it just went quickly from there.

AVB:   We met in December 2013.  So from January 2014 on we were basically inseparable.  So once we got engaged we were looking for different places to get married.  And so  I was, like, "You know what?  We met on a flight to Cancun; let's get married in Cancun." 

MVB:   And we had the same seat numbers.

AVB:   Once I saw that we got the same seats that we've met in back a year ago, that was like God's sign that everything's going to be all right, you know, divine love and...

MVB: Icing on the cake.

AVB:  Well, the foundation to the cake [LAUGHTER].

MVB: Right.

AVB:  It was the wedding of our dreams.

MVB: Mm-hm.

AVB:   Delta is cupid for me [LAUGHTER].