Charisse Evans and Robert Rector

Charisse Evans (CE): When I worked at the airport there was a young lady that was traveling, and she was a college student.  It was the first time that she was kind of going off on her own.  She had lost her passport, and she was scared to death.  She was an exchange student.  And she had no idea where to go for help.  And I happened to walk up on her at the ticket counter, talked to her, found out what the situation was, gave her something to drink.  We retraced her steps.  We went out to the parking lot with her, called the hotel to see if she had dropped it in the lobby or something.  We said, "Let's take a minute, go through your purse and everything, just to make sure." And lo and behold she was just so nervous that she found it in the bottom of her bag.  And so if we had not taken that time to pull her aside, sit down with her, help her and everything, she could've missed her flight.  But that thirty minutes we spent with her saved her from a whole lot of drama. And she called her parents and she said, "This very nice lady helped me, mom.  You won't believe what she did."  And then she handed me the phone, and her mom said, "This is the first time my daughter has had to travel, so thank you for treating my child like your child."

Robert Rector (RR): That's really what I think made the difference for me and made me want to go Delta and make a difference.  I was flying as a college student, and I was stranded in Boston.  They did something funny with the ticket.  

CE: Mm-hm.

RR: And I'm at the airport literally in tears.  And this guy just came over and he just started talking to me.  And he listened to my story, and then he said, "I'm going to go ahead and put you on a plane and get you home."

CE: Wow.

RR: I tried to relay that in my conversations with my team, how it makes a huge difference.

CE: Mm-hm.  

RR: And reservations, where we are, it's important, because, you know, we deal with people when they're going to the birth of a new family member...

CE: Right.

RR: ...or sharing time with family, or a new business deal, or unfortunately sometimes going to see a family member...

CE: Right.

RR: ...for the last time.

CE: I try to give my all so that people know how much that they are appreciated, and that they have a positive experience, and that they know that we are just one team trying to make it happen.