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Travel + Leisure magazine spotlighted Delta as the best U.S. airline to care for customers' baggage and ensure it reaches its destination safely and on time.

In an analysis of six years of data from the DOT's Mishandled Baggage Report by Luggagehero, a company specializing in affordable luggage storage sites, Delta was found to be the least likely to lose or damage bags from 2012 through April 2018 out of 12 U.S. airlines.

According to Travel + Leisure, approximately 2-3 out of 1,000 passengers are affected by a lost or damaged bag while traveling. With Delta's innovative Fly Delta app and its RFID real-time bag tracking technology, the airline has significantly lowered those odds for customers. By using luggage tags embedded with RFID chips, customers can track their bags via the Fly Delta app and receive notifications about its location.

"Delta's significant investment in real-time bag tracking is a demonstration of our dedication to ensure not only our customers arrive on time to their destinations, but their bags do as well. We are working to further enhance our use of RFID bag tracking and continue meeting our customers' expectations of safety, reliability and innovation," said Gil West, Chief Operating Officer.

Delta's leadership in bag tracking technology within the U.S. airline industry was recently credited as a catalyst for the International Air Transport Association's commitment to develop a global plan to standardize and mandate RFID inlays in all baggage tags.

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