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Summertime is in full swing, which means many travelers of all ages are looking forward to a well-deserved vacation filled with fun, rest and relaxation. As you are planning your trip, here are a few tips that may be helpful before and throughout the journey:
1. Know what you can take in carry-on
You’ve heard it before — each customer is allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item at no extra charge. Just make sure they fit into the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. Cram sessions are not pretty, and they slow things down. Baggage may not exceed 45 linear inches (or 114 cm) in combined length, width and height, including any handles and wheels.
2. Pack smart
Learn what items are restricted before you fly, such as hoverboards. Some items, including lighters and e-cigarettes, are only permitted in your carry-on items. We recommend traveling with them in a designated carry case. If your travels take you to an international destination, be mindful that certain countries may restrict or ban the import, export or use of e-cigarettes. Make sure your liquids measure up. Also, if you’re traveling with gifts, be sure to keep them unwrapped to avoid having to wrap them twice should TSA need to look inside.
3. Check the weather report
Summer is famous for pop-up thunderstorms. These sudden downpours are often hard to predict. Delta has 25 meteorologists on staff, each with their eyes on the skies. We do all possible to run an on-time operation and keep you updated on flight times, but make sure you are plugged in to the local weather so that you can anticipate possible flight delays.
4. Stay connected
Delta continues to invest in travel resources and tools for customers, including the Fly Delta app. From booking, monitoring and changing flights to tracking bags and exploring the Glass Bottom Jet feature, the Fly Delta app provides opportunities to stay connected at all points during your journey.
Delta also recently launched the latest enhancements to its automated rebooking system. New functionality has been added to airport kiosks, the Fly Delta app and to help minimize disruptions during irregular operations, such as weather events. Highlights include providing flexible routings, then allowing customers to choose what works best for them. By giving you more options to select rebooking preferences, the system also helps to reduce lines at airports and enhance the overall travel experience.