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Where: San Francisco, Calif. (SFO)

When: Sept. 9-26, 2019

Delta has issued a travel waiver for customers traveling to, from or through San Francisco, Calif. (SFO) due to runway construction at the airport. Customers may experience delays as one of four runways is out of service for repairs.

This waiver allows customers with flexibility in their trav​el plans to make a one-time change to their itinerary without incurring a change fee.

Customers are encouraged to check their flight status on or the Fly Delta Mobile App. Customers can also get updates sent directly to their mobile device or by email with One-Time Flight Notification.

Learn more about Delta weather waivers here.

Know before you go, with Delta's new SkyWatch Daily Outlook page

SkyWatch Daily Outlook is a customer-focused version of Delta's internal operational outlook, updated daily. SkyWatch provides customers with pertinent information about Delta's operation and will be posted to and the Fly Delta app in the advisories section, giving customers added transparency into potential disruptions to their travel plans. 

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