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With Hurricane Maria forecast to make landfall in Puerto Rico Wednesday with winds of 100 mph, Delta has added two extra flights to and from San Juan to Atlanta to help customers leave ahead of the hurricane. Delta is flying 757 and A321 aicraft from the island.

As Delta teams continue to monitor Maria, the airline has capped main cabin, one-way nonstop fares at $199 for flights departing the following airports through Sept. 21: San Juan, PR; Punta Cana, DO; Santiago, DO; and Santo Domingo, DO. In addition, Delta is temporarily waiving fees for baggage and pets in cabin for customers traveling to and from San Juan and several other airports. See for a full list.

A travel waiver has been issued for passengers flying out of San Juan from Sept. 19-26. The waiver, which allows customers to change plans without incurring a fee, also covers customers from St. Maarten, Saint Thomas, and Turks and Caicos with tickets issued from Sept. 5 to Dec. 31. Delta advises customers to visit to check the status of booked flights to the region.