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Flight crews at all three U.S. global airlines – Delta, American and United – defend their professions and U.S. aviation jobs in a new video responding to sexist comments made by the CEO of Qatar Airways.

Akbar Al Baker said in a recent public appearance that "grandmothers" comprise the cabin crews of U.S. carriers and "the average age of my cabin crew is only 26." He later apologized after strong criticism.

In the new video, produced for the Partnership for Open & Fair Skies, Delta Capt. Jeffrey Anderson says, “We hire the very best whether they’re 26 or 62.”

Employees noted the backdrop of Al Baker’s remarks: Qatar’s threat to U.S. aviation jobs posed by the massive, unfair subsidies provided by its government owners. “Would our country really outsource jobs to someone who is so disrespectful of women?” Delta flight attendant Mathew Palmer says.

The Partnership video follows a Delta video created last we​ek starring flight attendants of various ages, backgrounds and genders.


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