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Delta's Technical Operations team celebrated Veterans Day on Nov. 11 with employee festivities in the Atlanta facility’s hangar. The event paid tribute to those who have served the U.S. armed forces, both past and present.

With the TechOps celebration in its fourth year, each shift had a special ceremony during which employees gathered to honor TechOps veterans. Employees had the opportunity to view personal artifacts that their colleagues brought in for display such as military clothing, pictures, patches and medals.  

Delta TechOps Hosts Employee Veterans Day Event

“I think it is a great time for TechOps employees to come together and share their military experiences. All of the shadowboxes allow us a visual opportunity to see the many roads our co-workers  – and their families – have travelled as they served their country,” said Aircraft Maintenance Technician Michael Clifton. 

In addition, there was a display of vintage aircraft that included a World War II observation aircraft nicknamed a “Bird Dog” and a UH-1 “Huey” - a workhorse of the Vietnam and Desert Storm conflicts. This was an opportunity for Delta’s veterans to reminisce with comrades, and for their colleagues to thank the employee veterans for protecting their freedom. 

Throughout the company, more than 10,000 of Delta’s 80,000 employees are veterans. Many of them work in TechOps.

“This event gives us the opportunity to honor the veterans at the Techical Operations Center and Delta-wide.  We take great pride in recognizing all who have served our country,” said Mark Norris, the event’s coordinator and a Marine Corps veteran.  “There are a lot of great heroes here and they deserve it.  It’s great to be able to recognize them and having Delta support our efforts.”

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