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The nationally acclaimed photographer and military veteran, Stacy L. Pearsall, has completed her life's dream to complete her mission of capturing U.S. military veterans in all 50 states – and she did it just in time for Veterans Day with help from Delta's sponsorship to provide flights to the final 20 cities on the tour. Since founding the Veterans Portrait Project in 2008 during her recovery from combat injuries, Pearsall has photographed over 8,000 veterans as a way to honor and thank them for their service, share and preserve their stories, and raise awareness regarding veterans' issues. 

"I began the Veterans Portrait Project in 2008 as I recovered from combat injuries sustained in Iraq. My military career was over, my body was broken and my spirit was crushed. I'd lost hope in my future, faith in myself and passion for life. I didn't have a purpose anymore and was in a very dark place. While rehabilitating, I spent countless idle hours in VA waiting rooms surrounded by veterans from every generation and branches of service. They inspired me to pick up my camera again so that I could honor and thank them with the only gift I had worth giving — my photography," said Stacy Pearsall.  "This project — and meeting all the veterans I have photographed — has been a lifesaver for me, and I cannot thank Delta Air Lines enough for supporting me in the mission to complete the project." 

At each location of the "Mission Complete Tour," Pearsall took complimentary individual fine art photographs and presented each veteran with a high-resolution file they may print and share with family and friends.  Delta veterans were treated to a special day of photography at ATL-TechOps on Oct. 30 as Pearsall was winding down the tour.  Delta's Veterans Business Resource Group (VBRG) played an instrumental role in promoting the opportunity to Delta veterans. 

"As a Veteran, it was an honor to have Stacy Pearsall take my picture. I have been following the Veterans Portrait Project, and the pictures show that all veterans come from all walks of life," said Kurt Robinson, Manager — TechOps and President of Delta's VBRG.

Delta Air Lines is proud to sponsor this important mission as a part of our commitment to supporting armed service members and veterans.  

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