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Delta returned to Cuba for the first time in 55 years on Thursday with flights from New York-JFK, Miami and Atlanta. Customers and employees alike celebrated the milestone and said what the day meant to them.

"The demand to go to Cuba is just incredible, especially here in the South Florida market," said John Higgins, Station Manager – MIA.  "I can't tell you the amount of excitement we see in the local community that they can now fly daily to Cuba to visit with family and friends."

Customer Luz A., who was on one of Delta's first flights back, said the trip was her first time back to her birth country in 48 years.

The day also held special importance for Delta flight attendant Yadira B., who emigrated from Cuba at age 7. "It's a great honor to go back to the country I was born in at the hand of the company I work for," she said.

"The vibe is electric," said another customer, Eric G. "Our country has been waiting to go to Havana and it's a very exciting time."