Looking to travel this holiday season? Here’s what to expect when visiting a Delta Sky Club during your travels.
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As Delta adds flights to popular destinations and reopens more Delta Sky Clubs, the airline is prepared for more travelers to take to the skies this holiday season. Before you make your way to the Club during your travels, here are three things you should know:  

1. With more open Delta Sky Clubs than any other major U.S. carrier lounge, there are more opportunities to enjoy. 

Since early summer, Delta Sky Clubs have been reopening with additional layers of protection to keep guests safe and support Delta’s growing network schedule. Clubs in Austin, Miami, and Palm Beach will reopen this November ahead of Thanksgiving travel. To date, 26 Delta Sky Clubs across the country are open and ready for guests to unwind and relax during their travels. 

2. We’ve set a new standard of clean to create a comfortable Club environment.  

With plexiglass partitions at the bar and at check-in, reduced seating to provide guests with extra space, plentiful hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the Club, mask-wearing requirements and enhanced cleaning procedures – including nightly sanitization using high-grade electrostatic spray – you can rest easy knowing that no matter which Delta Sky Club you visit, we are doing everything we can to ensure your safety.  

Sanitizing Station in Sky Club

After temporarily modifying traditional food buffets to grab-and-go fresh, pre-packaged options at the outset of the pandemic, Delta Sky Clubs are gradually and safely reintroducing fresh and healthy, warm broth bowls to Clubs this winter as an additional option for guests. Floor decals continue to remind guests to maintain a safe distance from others while in line at food and beverage service areas. 

3. Delta Sky Clubs are a testing ground for clean innovations in the travel experience. 

Delta Sky Club guests in Atlanta will also be the first to experience new, clean technology that Delta is testing. A self-service UV disinfection cubby allows guests to clean personal devices like phones and tablets and removes 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses on surfaces. In addition, far-UV sterilization devices are discreetly mounted on ceilings to kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces throughout the Club using a special UV wavelength that is not harmful to humans.  

Delta teams will evaluate both innovations for future implementation in additional locations throughout the travel experience.