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Airplanes are early risers but, like many of us, they need a little help. As the sun rises each morning, two aircraft maintenance technicians recruit some of Delta's smallest flyers to "wake up the airplanes" and ensure the aircraft are ready for flight.  

Ron R. and Bob M. are Charlotte-based Delta TechOps employees who go out of their way each day to create a lasting impression for the next generation of customers. Once they've identified a few kids to help them with their morning routine, the technicians go down the tarmac and turn on each airplane after encouraging the kids inside the airport to call out, "Wake up, airplane!"

"If we can make these little people have a great experience – maybe they'll want to be a mechanic or a pilot or a flight attendant," said Bob. "It's more than just connecting some dots on the map."

Ron added: "If we make them smile, you can't put a price tag on that." 

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