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When the going gets tough - 2017 kind of tough - that’s Delta’s cue to outperform the others. 

The Wall Street Journal’s annual analysis of U.S. carriers out today found that despite “multiple passenger-stranding messes” including a string of hurricanes, Delta arrived in first place on the Journal’s Middle Seat scorecard of the eight major airlines. 

The WSJ’s Middle Seat scorecard uses seven key operational metrics to rank eight airlines.

According to the WSJ, “Alaska (Airlines) had been No. 1 for four straight years. But the airline, now combined with Virgin America, got hit hard by a one-two punch of West Coast storms and problems at its regional airline.”

Dave Holtz, S.V.P. – Operations and Customer Center, told the WSJ, ‘There's no question that the weather was more difficult’ in 2017. Yet despite weather and problems at airports, Delta’s mainline operations recorded a record 242 days with no flight cancellations, Holtz and the WSJ noted.

In addition, Delta was named this week as the World's Most On-Time Airline among mainline carriers for 2017 by the aviation data and analytics company FlightGlobal.

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