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On NBC’s “Today” show, viewers were given a look behind the scenes at the rigorous training all Delta flight attendants go through to ensure customers have a safe, best-in-the-industry experience.

The hands-on six-week program at Delta’s Atlanta headquarters prepares flight attendants for anything that can happen in the air, from turbulence and unruly passengers to heart attacks and emergency landings.  As everyone at Delta knows, to become a flight attendant takes more than a desire to travel. It requires technical knowledge – like memorizing the configurations of nine different planes and learning how to operate 16 different door and window variations – and a desire to care for customers. 

“This is a people business,” said Jennie Ho – V.P. of In-Flight Operations. “To really care about others … that comes across very naturally and organically. You can’t fake that.”

Since hiring and training ramped back up last year, Delta expects to have a total of 4,500 new flight attendants on the front line by the end of 2022. Another round of hiring will begin in the spring/summer, and 40 graduating classes are scheduled for this year – part of the company’s commitment to unparalleled customer service and emerging stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A Delta flight attendant walks off the stage with her new wings.
Delta’s 76 newest flight attendants are among 4,500 expected to be on Delta’s front line by the end of 2022 since hiring and training resumed last year. Another 40 graduating classes will take flight in 2022 with more hiring beginning this spring.