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Delta people tested thousands of garments from the new uniform collection to find the best possible fit and function. And, when the wear test ended, the Delta uniform team set out to find a creative way to give these garments new life.

"For items that were Delta branded and couldn’t be donated directly, we decided to get creative and have a number of partners who are helping to make fun repurposed products," said Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Director — Airport Customer Experience. "Our latest partner is re:loom, a local Atlanta organization, that is weaving rugs, key chains and other colorful products from the Zac Posen designs."

re:loom is a program of Initiative for Affordable Housing (IAH) in Decatur, Georgia. They grew naturally from their work with adults who struggled to secure and maintain jobs. Today, they help individuals address obstacles to employment through paid on-site job training and leadership opportunities. Weavers design and produce handmade products and lead a team of weavehouse volunteers. With a stable salary, 100 percent healthcare coverage, and opportunities to engage in the operation of the weavehouse, employees gain a financial foundation, leadership skills, and a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Another example of Delta’s upcylcing efforts includes working with fabric recycling company, MartexFiber, to put the wear-tested uniforms back to use.

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