Delta understands that social media is the communications channel of preference for many of its customers, members of the media, employees, investors and other stakeholders. In fact, Delta was the first U.S. airline to use Twitter for direct customer support.

As Delta was developing its social media strategy, Corporate Communications saw the opportunity to create the @DeltaNewsroom Twitter handle as a digital tool for issues management, executive communications and corporate brand reputation. The account was launched in September 2010.


  • “Humanize” Delta’s corporate presence by providing timely communications on a platform our stakeholders are comfortable with, especially key media and digital influencers
  • Improve sentiment of Delta by keeping stakeholders in the loop with the latest information
  • Communicate latest investments
  • Showcase corporate culture and CSR efforts
  • Utilize the channel as a one-to-one feedback loop on announcement and news


Delta continues to achieve its digital objectives, then push them higher. 2014 was a landmark year for @Deltanewsroom.

  • 56% increase in followers in 2014
  • 217% increase in impressions in 2014
  • 94% increase in absolute mentions of positive sentiment* in 2014
  • 166% increase in @mentions of Newsroom in 2014

*Source: Brandwatch analysis, 1/1/13-12/31/13 vs 1/1/14-12/18/14

Almost more importantly than direct engagements on the channel is its syndication impiact on the marketplace. When Delta is in the news, and the traditional media is asking for comments, the @DeltaNewsroom feed is the first to break the airlines’ response. “Even before we return phone calls, we’ll tweet it out, and we’ll see it go live on CNN. It helps reduce call volume,” says Susan Hayes, a Delta spokeswoman. This increased message syndication speed and reduced call volume allows Delta to use our resources more efficiently and effectively than ever before.


Delta has built out its @Deltanewsroom editorial calendar to include content that resonates with stakeholders. Examples of popular content types include: