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July is the only month in which each day is a part of Delta’s busy summer schedule. So with July in the books - and with a couple of weeks remaining in the summer schedule - here are nine amazing facts to keep in mind the next time you see a Widget-branded aircraft soaring overhead.

Delta's summer schedule begins in early June and runs through mid-August.

1.       July 31 set an all-time single-day bookings record of more than 620,000 customers. That’s as if the entire population of Portland, Ore., booked to fly Delta in one day.

2.       Nearly 2,200 more flights are scheduled so far in summer 2015 than the same period in summer 2014, a 0.7 percent increase.

3.       Reliability on Delta Connection - the airline's group of regional carriers - is dramatically improving: there have been 1,400 fewer Delta Connection cancellations this summer compared to the same period last summer.

4.       The Delta system's "completion factor" - days without any canceled flights - is 99.02%, 0.44 percentage points better than the same period last summer. That’s an amazing 1,308 fewer cancels than in summer 2014. And it includes both mainline flights and Delta Connection.

5.       In June, Delta went 139.2 consecutive hours without a mainline cancellation; the closest streak during a summer schedule was June 2014 -  80.3 consecutive hours

6.       Twenty-one days of 100 percent mainline completion factor so far in summer 2015, compared with 12 during the same time period in 2014.

7.       Delta’s mainline aircraft numbers nearly 800 for the summer operation, including 41 737-900ERs and 71 Boeing 717-200s.

8.      TechOps is moving maintenance performance to new heights:

  • Mainline maintenance "completion factor" of 99.97 percent.
  • Maintenance on-time departure performance of 96.70 percent, best-ever for a summer schedule.

9.       Year-to-date, Delta mainline has transported more than 2.2 billion pounds of checked bags and 987 million pounds of cargo freight.