Delta Gerardi has been managing through sharing a name with the COVID-19 delta variant.
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What’s in a name? William Shakespeare’s Juliet lamented the question that has found new relevance today. The global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in some unfortunate and inconvenient naming coincidences that hit close to home for this airline, and at least one little girl, named Delta.

As it turns out, 3-year-old Delta Gerardi has been managing through sharing a name with the COVID-19 delta variant. Though she’s happy, healthy and well, for her mom, hearing her daughter’s name associated with a virus that has caused sickness and suffering for so many has taken its toll.

Kellie Gerardi (who just so happens to be a Virgin Galactic scientist slated for a future space mission) posted on social media about her daughter’s predicament, tagging @Delta in the process.

Delta’s social media team noticed the post, and feeling some obvious sympathy for Delta, decided something must be done.

“We sent her a care package that included a handwritten note, Delta backpack, Biscoff cookies and a model plane,” said Andrea Feminella, a Delta Audience Engagement Manager. “Basically, everything we could find at the Delta Flight Museum gift shop with the name ‘Delta’ on it!”

The note read:

Hi Kellie!

We saw your tweet and just wanted to let you know that we think your daughter’s name is amazing.

It’s the name for people who were meant to fly.

We sent you a few things with our favorite name, so she can know how special she is.

Wear it loud and #DeltaProud!

-- Your friends @Delta

Needless to say, the care package from Delta to Delta was a hit. “She just recently learned to read and write her own name, so it was extra special to watch her delight as she discovered it on each item she unwrapped,” Kellie posted.


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Here at Delta Air Lines, the coincidental name sharing with the COVID-19 variant hasn’t deterred us from our mission to connect people to the world and reclaim the joy of travel. And we’re focused on offering our support to the people and communities that have been directly and profoundly impacted by the global pandemic.

Through it all, we hope our new 3-year-old friend, Delta, remembers the wisdom of Shakespeare’s Juliet: “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

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