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Employees – from pilots to mechanics to customer service agents – are reaffirming Delta’s commitment to reliability in a new video touting the airline’s operational performance declaring, “It’s who we are.”

“It’s us, the Delta team,” employees say in the 60-second spot. “Who are there from the second you check in to the moment you land, making sure that whatever you have planned goes as planned.”

“Being reliable is what we’re all about at Delta,” an employee says, followed by others who add, “It’s who we are.”

The video, which debuted on Delta’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts Monday, puts a human face on Delta’s operational performance. In June, for example, the latest month for which data is available, Delta logged the lowest flight cancelation rate among U.S. carriers and finished third in on-time performance, behind two much smaller airlines and well ahead of peers American and United.

The video’s “it’s who we are” refrain stems from an Aug. 9 video in which Delta CEO Ed Bastian assured customers “This is not who we are” in the wake of an operational outage. The outage led Delta to cancel roughly 1,800 mainline flights from Aug. 8-10, about the same number the airline cancelled during the first seven months of the year.