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In honor of Women's Equality Day, five Delta women share advice in a video for other women aspiring to aviation careers. Kathy McCampbell of TechOps put it this way: "We fit. It's a predominantly male environment, but women do have a place. We're strong. Educated. And we do belong."

As one of Fortune's Best Workplaces for Women, Delta is recognizing seven ways its culture supports women.

1. At Delta, women are championed. Through mentorship, career development and diligence in equal opportunities, Delta is accountable to ensuring a future that's female. Months ago, CEO Ed Bastian published an article advocating for female mentorship in a #MeToo era. "We must close the gender gap by having more men join the conversation," he wrote.

2. Women have seats at any table. From the C-suite throughout each division, the airline protects a fair, equal and diverse playing ground for candidates in every position. Delta works to dismantle barriers to career entry and advancement, and currently has 19 female leaders in officer positions. 

3. Women link arms. Delta's employee groups provide spaces for employees to respond to shared differences by leaning in closer. The employee group SHE serves as a place for employees of all genders to engage in conversations about women in the workplace. 

4. Women are heard. Diversity of Delta's 80,000 people is a strength when the company creates outlets to listen and rely on that diversity to shape business decisions. Delta seeks employees' input in decisions that will predominantly affect women, like improvements to the maternity leave program.

5. Women are valued equally. As part of Delta's commitment to pay parity, the company conducts periodic reviews of compensation among men and women and addresses any equity issues. During the last review, Delta achieved complete pay parity for men and women in administrative and frontline jobs. Joanne Smith, Chief Human Resources Officer, said about the topic: "Maintaining pay parity is an ongoing effort, and Delta remains fully committed to maintaining parity as our employee base continues to change and grow."

6. Women are dignified, inside and outside of Delta. The airline's commitment to equality reaches employees, customers and communities across the globe. Delta serves women through partnering with Women in Aviation International, the National Association of Women NBAs and in its longstanding fight against human trafficking – a crime that largely exploits women and children.

7. Women encourage the girls "up next." For the past three years, the women of Delta have hosted the all-female "WING" Flight, standing for "Women Inspiring the Next Generation." The flight, which takes place on October's Girls in Aviation Day, exposes over 100 girls ages 12-18 to careers at an airline. Women across Delta share how their interests led them to the airline, and tell personal victory stories about overcoming obstacles along the way. 

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