Delta Air Lines reported financial results Thursday for the September quarter 2022 and provided its outlook for the December quarter 2022.
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  • Record quarterly revenue and second consecutive quarter of double-digit operating margin
  • Returned operations to industry-leading reliability
  • Expect December quarter revenue recovery to accelerate relative to 2019
  • On track to achieve 2024 targets of over $7 adj. EPS and $4 billion of free cash flow

Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) today reported financial results for the September quarter 2022 and provided its outlook for the December quarter 2022.  Highlights of the September quarter 2022 results, including both GAAP and adjusted metrics, are on page five and are incorporated here.

"Thanks to the incredible work of our entire team, Delta delivered a strong September quarter with record quarterly revenues and a double-digit operating margin. The travel recovery continues as consumer spend shifts to experiences and demand improves in corporate and international,” said Ed Bastian, Delta’s chief executive officer.  “In this environment, we expect December quarter revenue growth to accelerate versus 2019 with an operating margin of approximately 10 percent."

“With strong demand and a return to best-in-class operational performance, we are ahead of our plan for the year on profitability and expect to be free cash flow positive. We’re working towards full network restoration by summer of 2023, which supports a meaningful step up in profitability and cash flow next year on our path to earn over $7 of EPS and $4 billion of free cash flow in 2024,” Bastian said.

September Quarter 2022 GAAP Financial Results 

  • Operating revenue of $14.0 billion
  • Operating income of $1.5 billion with an operating margin of 10.4 percent
  • Earnings per share of $1.08
  • Operating cash flow of $869 million
  • Payments on debt and finance lease obligations of $1.8 billion
  • Total debt and finance lease obligations of $23.2 billion at quarter end

September Quarter 2022 Adjusted Financial Results 

  • Operating revenue of $12.8 billion, 3 percent higher than September quarter 2019, including a $35 million impact from Hurricane Ian
  • Operating income of $1.5 billion with an operating margin of 11.6 percent
  • Earnings per share of $1.51, including a 3¢ impact from Hurricane Ian
  • $11.2 billion in liquidity* andadjusted net debt of $20.5 billion at quarter end

*Includes cash and cash equivalents, short-term investments and undrawn revolving credit facilities

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Forward Looking Statements

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Additional information concerning risks and uncertainties that could cause differences between actual results and forward-looking statements is contained in our Securities and Exchange Commission filings, including our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021 and our Quarterly Reports on Forms 10-Q for the quarterly period ended June 30, 2022. Caution should be taken not to place undue reliance on our forward-looking statements, which represent our views only as of the date of this press release, and which we undertake no obligation to update except to the extent required by law.

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