Delta and Issa Rae are launching an exclusive collaboration at LA Fashion Week featuring a fashion line designed by small business owners for the chic, adventurous and well-traveled.
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  • Six small business owners and fashion designers will strut an exclusive, limited-edition collection on the runway designed to make flying simpler and more stylish.
  • The event will be streamed live on Delta’s Instagram and
  • The collaboration highlights a shared passion of Issa Rae and Delta in amplifying and connecting small businesses with others.

Delta is hitting Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW) with its first-ever fashion collection in an unexpected and exciting move. In collaboration with multi-hyphenated artist Issa Rae, and inspiring, diverse fashion designers from around the country, Delta is equipping travelers with a line designed for style and comfort.



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Named “Runway Runway,” the collaboration during LAFW will take off on Friday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. PST in an airplane hangar in Hawthorne, California.

The show will be live streamed on Delta’s Instagram account and on where viewers can share their thoughts and engage with other viewers as they watch. The live stream will begin at 8 p.m. PST (11 p.m. EST).

“My collaboration with Delta’s Runway Runway campaign is about more than showcasing the travel-inspired collections from these six unique, creative designers,” Issa Rae said. “It’s about elevating their stories, each deeply rooted in the belief that there is comfort in human connections, strength in being present, and inspiration to be found in the adventures we embark on.”



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As part of this event, and in a continued effort to support small businesses, Delta and Issa Rae will be promoting the spirit of travel by bringing several fashion designers into the spotlight at the fashion show:

The collection showcases a globetrotter’s wardrobe created by travelers for travelers. The complete collection will be available for purchase at when the event starts with a limited quantity of each item.

“Our partnership with Issa has been a dream come true for Delta, allowing us to connect over our shared passion of lifting and connecting small businesses with others around the globe,” said Emmakate Young, Managing Director – Brand Marketing and Sponsorships. “As travel demand continues to rise, this campaign and the travel-inspired collection show that it’s time to explore. We hope Delta's Runway Runway encourages others to be present, make new connections and find their own inspiration through travel.”



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  • Travel-oriented apparel brand with the motto, "Traveling is a Sport.”
  • THE STORY: Traversing the world for fun and for fashion, Woodie lives by his motto: “Traveling is a sport.” No more changing in the airport bathroom—you can wear these outfits on and off the red-eye.

Ember Niche

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  • Stylish, durable eyewear that will withstand the longest redeye flight.
  • THE DESIGNER/FOUNDER: Timothy Campbell and Jarrett Raghnal.
  • THE STORY: When they decided to start manufacturing their unique frames, Jarrett and Tim set off for Shanghai with just a few weeks’ notice and only the vaguest of plans. As you can see, their adventurous spirit paid off.

Ana Mero Swim

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  • Size-inclusive swimsuit that can be worn in multiple styles so you can pack light.
  • THE STORY: A family vacation in Mexico inspired the mission of body inclusivity that still inspires Ana today. Her Runway Runway Collection swimsuit can be worn several different ways and comes with a drip-dry bag so it can be easily packed at the end of your beach vacation.

Ponto Footwear

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  • Sustainable, unisex, lightweight shoes that easily slip off for breezing through airport security.
  • THE DESIGNER/FOUNDER: Aaron Roubitchek and Joey Marquis.
  • THE STORY: Between them, Aaron and Joey have visited more than forty countries. All that travel inspired them to create a versatile, sustainable shoe that fits in any carry-on and slips off for security ease.

Classic Six

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  • A capsule collection of quality pieces that have been mindfully designed with the intention to create more with less.
  • THE DESIGNER/FOUNDER: Diana Lomonaco.
  • THE STORY: Time away from the city is actually what inspired Diana’s New York–chic brand, named for an iconic Manhattan apartment layout. Her capsule collection can be mixed and matched so you can go carry-on without losing style.


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  • Magnetic, leakproof and customizable Capsules that make it seamless for you to maintain your routines at home and away.
  • THE STORY: A frequent flyer who loves the excitement of takeoff, Steph believes taking a trip doesn’t have to disrupt your routine. So she designed a gorgeous and functional way to travel with your toiletries that’s good for your health, and the planet.
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