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Discover Munich’s ‘unique charm’ with some tips from a Delta flight attendant

Delta flight attendant Sabrina Schaller offers her best tips, advice for discovering Bavaria’s capital city.

The skyline of Munich, the capital city of Germany's Free State of Bavaria, is seen with the Alps visible in the background.

Temperatures are cooling, leaves are falling and steins are being raised. Autumn in Munich is synonymous with beer and Oktoberfest. While no trip to Bavaria’s capital city would be complete without a stop at one of its famed, centuries-old breweries, this is a city that offers something for everybody to discover any time of year.

“Munich has a unique charm,” said Delta Flight Attendant Sabrina Schaller.

Delta Flight Attendant Sabrina Schaller explores Munich.

Schaller was born in America with Bavarian parents and grandparents. She has lived in Munich and still has extended family members living there today. She flies to Munich regularly as a flight attendant and for personal visits. She’ll be back this autumn for Oktoberfest.

“It's amazing how they preserve their city,” Schaller said. “It is full of rich history as well as beautiful architecture."

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The streets of Munich feature architectural delights at every turn.

From many points in the city, the towering Alps are visible on the horizon, inviting day trips of exploration and discovery. Schaller also encourages visitors to venture beyond Munich into the surrounding towns, where they can connect with Bavarian culture. Keep an eye out for edelweiss on your adventures. The rare white mountain flower is treasured by Bavarians and symbolizes dedication.

Schaller’s must see and do in Munich

As with any trip, a little research and planning is a great idea. But Schaller advises leaving room to discover the unexpected.

“The great thing about Munich is that everything is very close and central,” Schaller said. “Let yourself get lost. Have an itinerary, but walk the streets and stumble upon things.”

Delta Flight Attendant Sabrina Schaller said she loves to wander the streets of Munich to discover the city’s architecture and charm.

Schaller recommends visiting the following places:

  • Munich Residenz. The former royal palace is known for its architecture and art.
  • Marienplatz. This is the town square where you’ll see the Rathaus (Munich’s townhall). Plan to be there when the Glockenspiel plays.
  • Englischer Garten. Experience the outdoors and well-maintained grounds of this massive park. Wander to the Eisbach, a small river with waves, where you might see somebody surfing. (Yes, SURFING in Munich!)
  • St. Peter’s Church. Climb the steps (all 300 of them!) of Munich’s oldest church for breathtaking views.
  • Nymphenburger Schloss. “Feel like a Bavarian royal walking through lush gardens and beautiful castle grounds,” Schaller said.
  • Deutsches Museum. Explore Munich’s museum of science and technology.
  • Frauenkirche. Built in the 15th century, this church’s towers can be seen from several points around the city.
  • Olympiapark. Constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympic Games the park features ample greenspaces and striking event venues.

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Autumn and Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest celebration, Munich, Germany.

The cooler autumn months are a wonderful time to visit Munich and the surrounding areas of Bavaria. “The leaves change colors, and everywhere you go is beautiful and scenic,” Schaller said.

Those golden and amber hues can be found beyond the trees as steins are lifted in brewhouses across Munich in commemoration of Oktoberfest (running from Sept. 17 to Oct. 3, 2022). Hofbräuhaus is one of Munich’s oldest brewhouses and worth a visit, as are the many other brewhouses large and small across the area.

Winter in Bavaria

Schaller said travelers wary of the cold should still consider a winter visit. “Winter in Munich is full of tradition,” she said. “If you have time, you can even go to the mountains and do a horse and sleigh excursion!”

Iconic German Christmas markets – with artisan handmade items for sale and glühwein (traditional mulled wine) to keep you warm – are waiting to be discovered.

Germans are also known for caring for their own well-being throughout the year. “Taking a trip to one of the wellness centers or saunas is a great way to relax and enjoy the season,” Schaller said.

Eating like a local

Dine on traditional local meals in restaurants throughout Munich.

As you make your restaurant plans, Schaller said there are some key traditional dishes to be on the lookout for:

  • Pretzel. Large and soft, often enjoyed as a snack, with a beer.
  • Schnitzel. Thin sliced meat, tenderized, breaded and fried.
  • Schweinebraten. A roasted pork, often served in beer halls.
  • Schweine haxen. Ham hock, roasted with the skin on.
  • Apfelstrudel. German apple strudel.
  • Weisswurst. Traditional Bavarian sausage. Schaller’s tip: “Enjoy this before noon!”
  • Pan fried potatoes.
A pretzel and sausage with beer.


For those who enjoy having a memento, Schaller recommended the following keepsakes as you peruse the shops:

  • Lebkuchenherzen. These gingerbread hearts are frequently adorned with loving tributes and often worn around the neck. Pick one up for that special someone.
  • Cuckoo clocks. If you’re inspired by the Glockenspiel, this may be the keepsake for you. Authentic clocks are built to centuries-old standards and traditions.
  • Tracht wear. Lederhosen and dirndls are the traditional clothing worn in Bavaria and other German-speaking areas.
Delta Flight Attendant Sabrina Schaller suggests lebkuchenherzen as traditional keepsake and gift from Munich.

But perhaps the most important keepsake you’ll have from your trip to Munich and Bavaria is the memories and the new friends you’ll make. Schaller encourages travelers to explore with a willingness to discover. “Be open minded,” she said. “Talk to people, ask them questions and be willing to learn.”

Getting to Munich with Delta

Travelers looking to explore Germany can fly to Munich and Frankfurt from three Delta U.S. hubs - Atlanta, Detroit and New York-JFK. Frankfurt flights fly daily, all operating on the Airbus A330-200 while daily flights to Munich from Atlanta and Detroit operate on the Boeing 767-300 or 767-400. All flights to Germany offer a choice of four product experiences — Delta One, Delta Premium Select, Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin. Delta Vacations offers packages to Munich that include airfare, hotel and rental cars.

Many Delta flights to Munich feature German-speaking crews who are familiar with Munich and Germany, as many travel there frequently. Flights may also feature German entertainment on seatback screens.

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