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Delta has partnered with the state of Georgia and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to create free COVID-19 vaccination sites in the ATL airport and at the Delta Flight Museum. CBS correspondent Errol Barnett went behind the scenes at these mass vaccination sites, where he spoke with employees being vaccinated and Chief Health Officer Dr. Henry Ting to learn more about the vaccination experience with Delta. The exclusive, inside look was featured in a CBS This Morning segment that aired early Friday morning. 

“I think we’re ready to reclaim our lives, as well as to reclaim our joy,” said Dr. Ting. “We’ll get there by ending this pandemic with vaccinations.” 

Delta was praised for its efforts to support widespread vaccinations throughout the segment, with a member of Georgia’s emergency agency noting that even the home-grown food chain Chick-Fil-A would be proud of the efficiency of Delta’s vaccination operation. 

“The head of GEMA, the state’s emergency agency, said they needed to connect with an operational expert. Delta knows how to run things,” said Barnett. “That skillset and that partnership is now resulting in roughly 40,000 doses administered already – and there’s no plans to stop this any time soon.” 

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*Captain Barnes, who was featured in the CBS This Morning piece, took the opportunity to get vaccinated on his time off and complied with an FAA mandate that does not allow pilots to operate aircraft within 48 hours of receiving the vaccine.​