Team USA Livery

Delta Team USA Livery Reveal
A Delta A330-900 aircraft painted with a custom livery in support of Team USA is reveal in Atlanta on Friday, Dec. 17, 2021.

At Delta, we know the resilience it takes to arrive at a historic moment. We also know the journey is just as important as the destination. Alongside Team USA, we will continue to inspire the world with what's possible.

Our A330-900 aircraft is emblematic of our support of Team USA. The jet features a custom-designed livery that embodies the spirit of resiliency and perseverance and an inspiration of upward momentum.

Below, you’ll find more information about the sponsorship, the aircraft, the livery design inspiration and learn more about Delta’s historical support of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Delta Team USA Livery Reveal
Delta's A330-900 aircraft is revealed with a custom livery in support of Team USA.

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TEAM USA AND LA28 Sponsorship

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Delta Air Lines and LA28 have committed to an eight-year partnership beginning in 2021, making Delta the inaugural founding partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Los Angeles 2028 and a supporter of the United States Olympic and Paralympic teams.

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  • Delta became the Official Airline of LA28 and Team USA beginning Jan. 1, 2021, and include Beijing 2022, Paris 2024, Milan Cortina 2026 and the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • Delta will co-create the LA28 Volunteer Program, which will include more than 25,000 community and employee volunteers.

Delta’s partnership also includes a commitment to NBCUniversal over eight years, including multi-platform advertising within coverage of four upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as media activation in non-Olympic years. NBCU will work closely with Delta to chronicle and celebrate its Team USA journey.

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Delta is a past sponsor of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Atlanta 1996 and Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Salt Lake City 2002.


Delta ship 3411 (N411DX) is the tenth A330-900 delivered to Delta from Airbus from an order of 37. Delta took delivery of the ship in Toulouse, France in May of 2021. After completing additional post-delivery Prior To Service work in Narita, Japan and Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota, the ship entered revenue service on its inaugural flight flying from Seattle to Honolulu in June 2021. Ship 3411 flies daily on a variety of intracontinental and transoceanic routes.

In December 2021, Delta had 11 A330-900 aircraft in service, with 26 on order.

The A330-900 is propelled by two Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines.

  • Length: 208 feet, 10 inches
  • Wingspan: 210 feet
  • Range: 6,995 miles
  • Cruising Speed: 537 mph

Delta’s A330-900s are equipped with award winning Thompson Aero Seating Suites in Delta One and best in class Rockwell Collins seats in Delta Premium Select, Comfort+ and Main Cabin, all with in seat power. The A330-900s are also equipped with in-flight WiFi and industry leading in-flight entertainment systems designed and sourced entirely by Delta Flight Products.

  • Total Seats: 281
    • Delta One® Seats: 29
    • Delta Premium Select Seats: 28
    • Delta Comfort+® Seats: 56
    • Main Cabin Seats: 168


Delta Team USA Livery Reveal
Delta's support of Team USA is represented by a custom livery on an A330-900 aircraft.
Delta Team USA Livery Reveal
A Delta A330-900 aircraft is revealed with a livery supporting Team USA.

The custom Team USA aircraft livery aims to embody Delta’s enduring support for the athletes, and a pursuit of excellence—the very spirit of Keep Climbing—as it takes flight both at the Games, and every day of the year.

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The Team USA livery was designed with Delta’s “Look of the Games,” which was developed by Delta’s in-house creative studio, Window Seat. “Delta’s brand is a symbol of resilience in its own right, so it was important to maintain the consistency of branding elements — the logo, belly and vertical stabilizer—all the recognizable features customers have grown to love and appreciate,” said Shane Edwards, Delta’s Product and Experiential Design Manager.

The clean, classic design of the livery promotes the partnership between Team USA and Delta and was executed internally by a crew at TechOps. A fully painted livery was opted over the use of decals so the painting could be done in house as well as have a much longer life.

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The livery features the Team USA logo, along with a blue gradient representing the sky or “the rise to the top” and a grounding red element representing the resilience needed to get there.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO | Applying the custom Team USA livery to Ship 3411

The design was revealed on Friday, Dec. 17, to a crowd of hundreds of Delta employees and media.

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  • Over 150 Delta people and partners coming together from various disciplines and backgrounds to make the vision a reality
  • 95 gallons of paint used
  • 25 painters and graphic artists working over 11 days to apply the livery
  • 9 months of design, engineering, planning and preparation
  • 700 engineering hours
  • 1 special birthday cake
  • 1 Team USA livery crafted by the combined passion of 5 Delta divisions and 25 departments

Look of the games

Delta Team USA The Resilient Rise WEB OPTIMIZED

The Look of the Games is a creative expression that embodies the resilience of humanity. We have each been transformed by the experience of living through a global pandemic. Yet, through grit, determination, and perseverance, we – Delta, Team USA, and the world – kept climbing. Each design element is meant to evoke pride, optimism, and upward momentum.

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The Look of the Games design system was developed and created by Window Seat, Delta’s in-house creative team. The system offers a guide for design products such as aircraft livery, signage, advertising and marketing collateral, collectibles, merchandise and more.


Color and composition are married to capture the energy and zeal of Team USA and the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Fittingly, Delta’s brand colors closely align to those of Team USA, offering a natural design cohesiveness.

A mild blue and white gradient evokes calmness and provides an uplifting anchor for the design.

In contrast, we show up unapologetically bold with pops of highly pigmented reds and saturated blues. The depth of the shades was selected to grab the viewer's attention and stand out from its surroundings.

All of the colors we use ultimately symbolize the pride we feel when representing our team, our people, and our home.


The Gradient represents the journey from one point or moment to another. It takes strength to continue on a difficult journey. This is reflected as the intensity of the gradient increases.

Grit Texture

The subtle Grit Texture represents the grit and determination behind resilience. This alludes to the mental and physical toughness of both the athletes and our 96-year-old company. It is our persistence, effort, confidence, and character that allows us to keep climbing.

Momentum Graphic

The Momentum Graphic illustrates the force needed to overcome our hurdles, whatever they may be. We are pushing forward, climbing together toward our goal of winning gold and connecting the world.

Jet Streams

Jet Streams represent the current of air generated by incredible speeds and strong transverse gradients of velocity. These lines tie back to the path we are on, the course we are taking.

The strong winds of the jet stream boost the momentum of an aircraft when traveling great lengths and propel athletes closer to their destination.


Delta Team USA Official Airline of Team USA Athletes WEB OPTIMIZED

Delta has partnered with six inspiring U.S. athletes on their journey to the next Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Olympic Hopefuls

Maame Biney

  • Short Track Speed Skating
  • Reston, VA
  • Born in Ghana and relocated to the US at the age of five with her father
  • First African American woman to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Short Track speed skating team and winning the 500m team trial at just 17 years old.

Amber Glenn

  • Figure Skating
  • Plano, TX
  • U.S. Junior Champion (2014) and recently finished second at the 2021 U.S. Championships.
  • In 2019, Amber came out as bisexual/pansexual—just the third woman to come out in her sport.

Breezy Johnson

  • Alpine Skiing
  • Jackson Hole, WY
  • Made her Olympic debut in 2018, finishing seventh in the downhill and 14th in Super-G.
  • Persevered through three leg injuries in the past four seasons to come back to four straight podium finishes.

Paralympic Hopefuls

Dan Cnossen

  • Para Nordic Skiing
  • Topeka, KS
  • As a U.S. Navy Seal, Dan stepped on an IED and lost both his legs in the blast, later being awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with Valor.
  • Member of the 2014 and 2018 U.S. Winter Paralympic teams, winning one gold, four silver and one bronze medal, earning him the honor of Best Male Athlete of the Games. 

Jen Lee

  • Men’s Sled Hockey
  • Denver, CO
  • Introduced to sled hockey in 2009 following a motorcycle accident that required his left leg to be amputated.

Member of the Gold Medal winning sled hockey teams at the Paralympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 as well as the Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018

Oksana Masters

  • Para Nordic Skiing
  • Champaign, IL
  • Born in Ukraine with significant birth defects due to radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
  • After double leg amputations, she went on to compete at the 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020 Paralympic Games in rowing, skiing and hand cycling. 


Delta has proudly supported previous Games. It most recently sponsored the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Salt Lake City 2002. Before that, the airline sponsored the Olympic and Paralympic Games Atlanta 1996.

Delta has strong ties to both cities with Atlanta being the home of its headquarters and Salt Lake City one of its major hubs.

Olympic and Paralympic Games Winter Games Salt Lake City 2002

In 1998, Delta committed to serving as the Office Airline Sponsor of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Salt Lake City 2002. The Games were held from February 8 to 24, 2002 and provided a unique opportunity for Delta to showcase its superior airline services and differentiate Delta in Salt Lake City and on a national scale. At the time, Salt Lake City was the home to Delta’s third largest hub and home to more than 4,700 employees.

Delta also partnered with the Salt Lake Organizing Committee (SLOC) to serve as the Official Charter Flight Provider of the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay.

Look of the Games

The Soaring Spirit represented a tribute to the majesty of the Wasatch Mountains, the unconquerable spirit of the American West and the inspired athletes who compete before the world. More importantly, The Soaring Spirit is a tribute to Delta’s people, as together they strive toward operational excellence. It was indicative of a new attitude, a renewed dedication, a renewed spirit.

Aircraft Livery

A Delta Boeing 757 was named The Soaring Spirit and painted in an Olympic-themed livery in commemoration of the Olympic Winter Games 2002. The livery was inspired by the Look of the Games, featuring depictions of the Wasatch Mountains, the Games’ logo and colors consistent with the Games’ pallet.

The Soaring Spirit Delta Boeing 757
The Soaring Spirit, a Delta B757 aircraft. (Courtesy Delta Flight Museum)


One of Delta’s Boeing 777 aircraft was dedicated as Soaring Spirit II in commemoration of the airline being the Official Charter Flight Provider and Official Provider of the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay. The B777’s sported a dramatic livery featuring images of Olympic gold medalist Bonnie Blair and U.S. Olympians Duncan Kennedy and Ryan Heckman. The aircraft transported the Olympic flame from its home in Greece to North America.

Soaring Spirit II Delta Boeing 777
Soaring Spirit II, a Delta B777 aircraft. (Courtesy Delta Flight Museum)


Three Delta Connection regional jets were also painted in an Olympic Games theme for the Olympic Winter Games Salt Lake City 2002.

Delta Connection The Soaring Spirit Soaring Spirit II
A Delta Connection aircraft adorned in a custom livery commemorating the Olympic Winter Games 2002 alongside The Soaring Spirit and Soaring Spirit II. (Courtesy Delta Flight Museum)


Centennial Olympic and Paralympic Games Atlanta 1996

The Olympic and Paralympic Games Atlanta 1996 took place in Atlanta July 19 through August 4, 1996. The Games provided a highly visible opportunity from which to communicate Delta’s worldwide service and to further its goal of becoming the Worldwide Airline of Choice. Then, as now, Delta embraced values it shared with the Olympic Games: commitment, leadership, dedication and excellence.

Look of the Games

To consistently portray an Olympic Games image, Copeland Hirthler was retained to develop Delta’s Look of the Games palette. This consisted of a series of common elements that would family with all previous work. A series of swooshes and the use of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG) Olympic torch in Delta corporate PMS colors were used to create this look, referred to as the Wings & Dreams look. The series was developed in the Fall of 1994 starting with a composite Delta/ACOG logo and utilized throughout the Games period.

Aircraft Livery

The Wings & Dreams Look of the Games inspired custom aircraft liveries on two Delta jets – The Spirit of Delta, a Boeing 767 and Centennial Spirit, a McDonnell Douglas MD-11.

Centennial Spirit had the distinction of being the aircraft that carried the Olympic flame from Athens, Greece to the U.S.

The Spirit of Delta Boeing 767
The Wings & Dreams livery as seen on The Spirit of Delta, a B767. (Courtesy Delta Flight Museum)


Centennial Spirit Delta MD-11
The Wings & Dreams livery as seen on Centennial Spirit, an MD-11. (Courtesy Delta Flight Museum)


Images are available below for download. Right-click and select "save as" to download.

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