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Bogotá: The city that will take your breath away

For those looking to explore the capital of Colombia and all of its culture and tradition, Bogotá native and Delta Sales Account Executive Andres Collazos shared some of his favorite neighborhoods, museums, restaurants and bars in the city.


At 8,612 feet above sea level, Bogotá will, quite literally, take your breath away. Nothing that a walk through the bohemian neighborhood of Usaquén, a cup of tinto (Colombia’s version of espresso), or aguardiente (the national liqueur, a sweet rum with anise) won’t cure.

The capital of Colombia and former capital of the Viceroyalty of Nueva Granada is steeped in culture and tradition, while keeping a distinctly cosmopolitan and modern flair. Bogotá is a veritable melting pot of Colombia, with representatives from every corner of the diverse South American country and a large expat community hailing from different parts of the world. Its over 8 million inhabitants, known as rolos, are as welcoming as they are fashionable.

Old houses with new skyscrapers in the background in Bogota, Colombia

The Bogotá savannah is set on a plateau surrounded by the Andes Mountains, making its climate temperate year round and an ideal destination for those seeking to escape the cold winter. Your time in Bogotá can be spent walking through its beautiful and diverse neighborhoods, eating at some of South America’s best restaurants, sampling typical Colombian street fare, visiting its museums and enjoying Bogotá’s famous nightlife.

No matter your fluency in Spanish, expect to be blown away by Colombians’ hospitality.

“The people of Bogotá are known for their warmth and hospitality,” said Bogotá native and Delta Sales Account Executive Andres Collazos. “You will find locals who are eager to make your stay unforgettable, going above and beyond to make sure you have a phenomenal experience.”

For those looking to experience this welcoming and diverse city for themselves, Collazos shared some of his favorite neighborhoods, museums, restaurants and bars in Bogotá.

Monserrate mountain

Your visit should start by hiking or taking a cable car up to Monserrate. The traditional pilgrimage destination consists of a beautiful church and shrine with sweeping views of Bogotá and its surroundings.

A scenic view of Bogota, Colombia from Monserrate mountain

La Candelaria

A historic neighborhood that is home to some of the most popular museums and attractions in Bogotá. You can look forward to admiring the colonial architecture, sampling typical food at one of the many restaurants and visiting Bogotá’s iconic museums.

La Candelaria in Bogota, Colombia

Museo del Oro (Museum of Gold)

The gold-working skill and artistry of Colombia’s pre-Columbian tribes, such as the Quimbaya, likely contributed to the legend of El Dorado. While the famed city of gold was never discovered, the Museo de Oro in downtown Bogotá may be as close as you’ll get. The museum houses an impressive collection of pre-Columbian gold artifacts and is well-worth the visit. Other museums worth visiting include Museo Colonial, Museo Nacional de Colombia, Museo de Botero and Museo Santa Clara.


Stroll the colonial streets of this vibrant, historic neighborhood with a bohemian streak and enjoy its wide array of trendy restaurants, bars, coffee shops and antique stores. The Sunday flea market is worth visiting for antiques and delicious street food like obleas, fruits, fresh-squeezed juices and typical pastries.

“Be sure to explore local fairs and markets to discover handmade crafts and artisanal products, such as woven textiles, pottery and intricate woodwork,” said Collazos. “And don't forget to try traditional Colombian beverages like aguardiente.”

A restaurant front in the Usaquén neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia
A restaurant front in Usaquén

Zona Rosa

Also known as “Zona T,” this area is one of Bogotá’s major shopping and entertainment districts, home to world-famous restaurants and shopping centers.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

Under an hour drive from Bogotá, a former salt mine houses one of the most unique cathedrals in the world. The Catedral de sal de Zipaquirá is built in the salt mine 650 feet underground, with dramatic lighting making it all the more remarkable. Yes, the walls of the cathedral are salty, just make sure no one sees you lick them.

Andres Carne de Res

A nightlife institution in Bogotá, Andres Carne de Res is at once an excellent steakhouse serving delicious meats, and Colombian classics like chorizo, papa criolla and arepa de chocolo, and a lively club to dance the night away to Colombian pop, salsa and merengue. If you’re short on time, Andres DC in the city is an excellent option, but if you have the time, heading out to the original in Chia is well worth it. Both locations are open for lunch, kid-friendly with fun activities for your little ones and can accommodate large groups.

The inside of Andres Carne de Res in Bogota, Colombia, a steakhouse that serves Colombian classics and is a lively club at night
Inside Andres Carne de Res


Bogotá’s traditional dish is a comforting and delicious potato soup served with chicken, corn, capers and avocado. It’s the perfect cure for jet lag and a wonderful treat after a day of tourism in the city.

Getting there with Delta

Since implementing their strategic joint venture agreement in October 2022, Delta and the LATAM group have significantly increased their capacity, offering faster connections to more than 300 destinations between the U.S., Canada and South America, including Colombia.

Currently, the international destinations network of LATAM Airlines Colombia comprises nine international routes operated to Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil and the United States.

This week, LATAM Airlines Colombia began its nonstop daily operation between Bogotá and Orlando, Florida, as part of the commercial agreement with Delta Air Lines.

Customers can enjoy direct, daily flights to Colombia, including to Bogotá from Atlanta, Miami, Orlando and New York-JFK, as well as direct flights between Miami-Medellín, which starts Oct. 29, and Cartagena-Atlanta, which resumes Dec. 22.

A scenic image of architecture in Cartagena, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia
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