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Creating connectivity: Georgia leaders spotlight economic opportunities created through Delta-LATAM joint venture

Georgia leaders recently joined Delta and LATAM representatives on a trade mission to Chile and Peru to highlight the essential role the two airlines’ networks play in strengthening economic ties between Georgia and South America.
LATAM and Delta Tails

In the less than two years since the launch of their Joint Venture, Delta and LATAM’s partnership has brought immense success to the state of Georgia, Chile and Peru. 

The partnership launched in late 2022, aiming to better connect North and South America and grow trade and tourism relations between the two continents. Chile and Peru, two major hubs of the LATAM market, were the key to unlocking this highly-sought-after progress for both areas.  

Since its initial launch, the alliance has more than doubled capacity from Delta’s Atlanta hub and nearly doubled capacity to LATAM’s South American hubs, unlocking connections and opportunities for customers in more than 300 destinations.  

Last fall, the Joint Venture celebrated its one-year anniversary, which brought about 6 additional routes, 15,000 flights and transported more than 3 million customers approximately 56 million miles. This celebration marked the beginning of an even more successful future.  

Today, the impact of Delta and LATAM’s partnership continues to yield significant results for both the state of Georgia and South America’s main hubs, far beyond just the travel industry. Last year, total trade between the state of Georgia and Chile and Peru was $3.2 billion. To put that into perspective, that is enough to make an entire fleet of about 30 Delta 737s.  

The collaboration also focuses on bolstering business connections between the two continents and generating new opportunities in trade and investment. Leaders with the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Delta Air Lines and LATAM recently attended a trade mission to South America that spotlighted the essential role the airlines’ robust travel networks play in maintaining Georgia’s position as a global economic powerhouse.  

“Our conversations with companies during the mission indicate that Georgia’s continued role as a global gateway will only expand for South American markets such as Chile and Peru,” said Mary Waters, Chief Administrative Officer for the Georgia Department of Economic Development. “Georgia has a lot to offer Latin American businesses, and we need to continue to tell our story. We’re excited for our future opportunities, and we would invite any companies who are interested in doing business in Georgia to connect with our offices in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, or Peru.”   

The alliance continues to aid in international trade relations, connecting Georgian, Chilean and Peruvian companies alike, particularly within the food and beverage industry. Chile’s thriving food processing and agriculture sectors strongly align with Georgia’s No. 1 industry – agriculture. Additionally, Georgia’s position as a top state for total refrigerated capacity enables the movement of billions of dollars of food, agriculture, and even pharmaceutical products through access points—made only simpler through this Joint Venture’s efforts.  

"As the joint venture between Delta Air Lines and LATAM continues to grow, we are thrilled to witness the tremendous impact it has had on enhancing connectivity between North and South America,” said Alex Antilla, Delta’s Vice President for Latin America. “By expanding our networks, improving customer experiences, and fostering economic growth, we are proud to be at the forefront of shaping the future of air travel between our regions.”  

Looking ahead, Delta and LATAM expect to continue expanding on this partnership in the coming months, solidifying the growing trade and travel connection between these two thriving continents.  

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