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Delta brings the epic journeys of Team USA to life in new campaign for Paris 2024

Building on Delta’s multiyear partnership with Team USA, the creative focuses on the theme of epic journeys and showcases the indomitable spirit and drive for greatness that Delta employees share with Team USA.  
A still from the "Time" spot in Delta's campaigns for the Paris Games.

Delta is celebrating the journey to victory in its newest campaign that brings its “Keep Climbing” mantra to life through the lens of the world’s greatest athletes. Building on Delta’s multiyear partnership with Team USA, the creative focuses on the theme of epic journeys and showcases the indomitable spirit and drive for greatness that Delta employees share with Team USA.  

The campaign highlights how the journey is about enjoying and embracing each moment – big and small – and the unexpected joys and challenges along the way. Each of the five spots convey a series of nonlinear paths across the most vital moments of the Games. Delta applauds the ambition it takes to keep going despite the difficulties – because the best journey is never a straight line.  

A still from one of the tv spots in Delta's campaigns for Paris 2024.

“As the official airline of Team USA, Delta’s goal is to connect these athletes with their gold-medal dreams and support them every step of the way on their journey to the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” said Alicia Tillman, Delta's Chief Marketing Officer. “We set out to create a campaign that doesn’t just focus on the destination, but also highlights how each athlete has reached this point. These spots capture the joys, challenges and unrelenting ambition it takes to keep climbing – because no one gets to the top by staying still.”  

Across the five unique brand spots, Delta artfully tells the story of each athlete’s journey through preparation, dedication, challenges, and finally the celebration of true grit and talent it takes to reach the top. Each spot is angled through Delta’s “Keep Climbing” tagline and works to showcase the different journey that each athlete has taken to reach Paris 2024. 

A still from the "Going Somewhere" spot in Delta's campaigns for Paris 2024.

The campaign is made possible with the dedication and talent of each Team USA athlete featured within the work: Gabby Thomas (Track and Field), Sara Hughes & Kelly Cheng (Beach Volleyball), Zoe McDougall (Surfing), Trevon Jenifer (Para Basketball), Adeline Gray (Women’s Freestyle Wrestling), Mallory Weggemann (Para Swimming), Jagger Eaton (Skateboarding), Derek Loccident (Para Track and Field), Evan Medell (Para Taekwondo), Blake Haxton (Para Sprint Canoe), Victor Montalvo (Breaking) and Brooke Raboutou (Climbing). 

“From being the first female sport climber to represent the United States in 2020 to now approaching my second Games, I am so proud to be on this journey with Team USA and alongside Delta as my partner,” said Brooke Raboutou, U.S. Olympian. “Climbing has always given me a foothold in life – even through some of the toughest seasons – and it’s been the momentum and movement that drives me to my goals. Seeing my own journey reflected in this creative is such an honor, and I can’t wait to see what Team USA is going to accomplish in just a few weeks as we take on the biggest climb of our careers.” 

The campaign will run across NBCU digital and TV channels throughout the summer games.  

“Before” explains how before the Team USA athletes set out to compete in Paris 2024, they will do what thousands of Delta customers do every day – fly. Delta’s role with Team USA is much more than just getting the athletes to the place they need to be; it is about helping each athlete reach their potential and celebrate what we all can achieve together. 

“Time” aptly focuses on the real value of time, illustrating that it is a finite resource and it’s how you use it that matters – whether you’re an athlete or an airline. To portray the concept, the piece mimics the movement of a clock.  

In “You Get You There,” we put viewers in the shoes of Team USA’s Derek Loccident, a Paralympic long-jump hopeful who has been training hard to punch his ticket to Paris. Using a POV camera, this film commemorates not just Derek’s journey, but every journey. After all, the primary reason you get anywhere, is you. 

“Going Somewhere” highlights the newest faces of the Games and brings to life several emerging sports, some of which will make their debut at the Paris Games for the first time. Unlike films about traditional Team USA sports that have a clear path to the podium, this film calls attention to the athletes who followed their passion long before their event ever had a podium – like breaking, which will make its debut in Paris. 

“One on None” reminds us of the hours of training and determination it takes to punch your ticket to the Paris Games. While we know that some trips are short, each athlete’s journey has taken a lifetime.  

Out of home creative  

In addition to catching the epic journeys on TV and digital, consumers will be able to see Delta’s creative across the U.S. in key markets for the brand.  

Designed by Delta’s in-house Creative Team, Window Seat, the out of home advertising follows the overall look of the games for Paris and will be featured in Delta Terminals and surrounding areas in Seattle, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta.  

Team USA athletes are shown individually and in groups across billboards, digital placements and signage with corresponding taglines that echo the epic journey ethos that is part of the overarching creative focus.  

Athlete spotlights showcase epic journeys in-flight  

While our customers take flight this summer, they can experience the epic journeys of our athletes while 30,000 feet in the air. Delta in-flight entertainment features athlete spotlights and insights which highlight all 15 Delta-sponsored Team USA athletes in conversation about focus and determination while also leaning into community and family support. Delta’s Team USA athletes discuss what’s gotten them to where they are now and what keeps them climbing toward athletic greatness. This content will be available on-board throughout the Games.  

A shot of all 15 Delta-sponsored Team USA athletes

"Flight Paths" brings epic journeys direct to our customer’s screens  

Delta is also excited to launch "Flight Paths," a series of short social episodes that delve into the unique journeys of four Team USA athletes – Derek Loccident, Kaleo Maclay, Victor Montalvo and Ashleigh Johnson – highlighting the pivotal moments that shaped their paths to success and further solidifying that “The Best Journey is Never a Straight Line.” 

In support of the epic journeys our customers take each and every day, this content will drive to a digital experience that gives people the opportunity to chart their own journey and share it with their social media followers. Launching in late July, this new interactive feature is geared towards SkyMiles Members, but open to all. By entering your SkyMiles number, the microsite will automatically pull past Delta flights, as well as give customers the chance to add any additional meaningful flights they may have taken. 

Delta and Team USA  

As Team USA’s official airline, Delta will manage travel for all U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Milano Cortina 2026 and LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games, where it also is an inaugural founding partner.  

Delta is excited to have its own roster of 15 Team USA athlete ambassadors for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. 

Learn more about the 15 athlete ambassadors joining Delta on the road to Paris. 

Earlier this summer, Delta unveiled their custom Airbus A350 Team USA aircraft livery in Toulouse, France, honoring the airline’s commitment to celebrate the athletes' journeys and connect them with their dreams. 

The foundation of Delta’s partnership is in the alignment of values and a shared focus on excellence, a passion for connecting people and cultures and a drive to be the best, showcasing the gold standard difference. Learn more about Delta’s partnership with Team USA.   

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