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Delta delivers on reliability through winter holidays

Delta closes out 2023 with strong reliability through the winter holiday season.


Delta delivered a safe and reliable winter holiday season for millions of customers, closing out 2023 with a number of days with zero cancellations and achieving the same into 2024.

The airline’s total customer count was in line with its projections of nearly 9 million from Dec. 21-Jan. 7.

Delta’s culture of excellence was on display all month long, with the airline notching seven “brand days” in December – days in which there were zero cancellations across Delta mainline and connection flights. There were another 15 days in which there were zero mainline cancellations.

Just days into the new year, before the winter holiday season had even officially concluded, Delta earned Cirium's Platinum Award for the third year in a row. This award recognizes airlines that show exemplary on-time performance while navigating complex operations – and limiting the impact of disruption to its customers.

In addition to winning the Cirium Platinum Award, Delta topped the rankings of the most on-time airline in North America. In 2023, Cirium tracked 1,635,486 Delta flights, 84.72% of which arrived on time, which is up from 83.63% the previous year.

Delta's on-time performance far exceeded North American industry benchmarks. Of the more than 8 million flights tracked by Cirium in 2023, 74.45% arrived on time. Delta's on-time arrival percentage was 2.47% higher than its nearest North American competitor, according to Cirium.

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