On Valentine's Day, Delta employees received a check for 10.4% of their eligible earnings. This payout marks an important milestone for Delta’s profit-sharing program, bringing the total paid out to employees since its inception in 2007 to $11 billion.
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Valentine’s Day is an extra special day for Delta, with employees receiving their share of Delta’s 2023 profit. Delta people are receiving a check for 10.4% of their eligible earnings – representing more than one month’s pay.   

The payout marks an important milestone for Delta’s profit-sharing program, bringing the total paid out to employees since its inception in 2007 to $11 billion. Delta continues to lead the industry in profit sharing, with this year’s total greater than the pool of all U.S. peer airlines combined.   

Sharing success is a foundational component of Delta’s values-driven business model and a core aspect of the company’s culture. Delta created its profit-sharing structure after the turbulent period the airline industry underwent in the early 2000s, as leaders worked to boost employee morale and cultivate a workplace of gratitude and teamwork.   

“Rewarding our people is fundamental to who we are at Delta. It’s always my No. 1 priority to take care of the Delta team, and today is a prime opportunity to recognize their dedication and efforts in 2023,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian. “This year’s $1.4 billion payout along with our global annual celebrations represent just one of the ways we’re able to demonstrate our gratitude and love for a well-deserving team.” 

This year’s profit-sharing distribution spans across the globe and covers a broad, diverse array of people and cultures reflective of Delta’s workforce:   


  • Georgia - $595 million 
  • New York - $185 million 
  • Minnesota - $124 million 
  • Michigan - $110 million 
  • California - $86 million 
  • Washington - $77 million 
  • Utah – $76 million 
  • Florida - $32 million 
  • Massachusetts - $20 million 


  • EMEAI - $4.4 million 
  • Latin America - $2 million 
  • NAM (Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands and Bermuda) - $1.8 million 
  • Asia-Pacific - $5.4 million 

Delta’s mission of connecting the world starts with more than 100,000 employees who deliver an unparalleled and award-winning travel experience each day. Delta fosters its workplace culture by investing in employees with industry-leading total compensation, holistic wellbeing programs and career development opportunities.  

Profit sharing is just one part of Delta’s employee financial wellness commitment. Delta offers competitive base pay; match up to 6% plus a fixed contribution of 3% to 401(k) retirement savings; monthly Shared Rewards for achieving operational goals; free financial coaching with the ability to earn $1,000 for emergency savings; and much more.     

“Delta’s people-first culture has always been core to our business, going back to our founder, C.E. Woolman,” said Joanne Smith, Delta’s E.V.P. and Chief People Officer. “An important part of that culture is sharing our successes. This year’s $1.4 billion profit-sharing payment is a direct result of the hard work and persistence shown by Delta people each day.” 

In 2023, Delta launched its signature emergency savings program with Atlanta-based Operation HOPE and Fidelity. The unique program provides employees with one-on-one financial coaching and a $1,000 rainy day fund contribution from Delta. Since the program started, more than 35,000 Delta employees have participated in the program with Delta contributing $21 million to employee savings accounts.   

Delta CEO Ed Bastian has authored an open letter to business, government and community leaders on the importance of financial well-being and solving the problem of financial insecurity.

This first-of-its kind emergency savings program has yielded remarkable results, with employees reaching new financial milestones.   

“What other company do you know of that is giving you free money to make sure you are on top of your financial education?” said Loretta Day, a Delta flight attendant based in Atlanta. “I am a better steward over my finances because of Delta. I have emergency money and am more educated on my finances, investments and stocks.”