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Delta Digital ID


Delta Digital ID lets customers check bags and move through security without showing a paper boarding pass or physical government ID, offering a more efficient, hands-free way to navigate the airport. 


To be eligible for Delta Digital ID, a customer must:  

  • Be a TSA PreCheck® member   

  • Have passport information and a Known Traveler Number stored in their Delta profile   

  • Be a SkyMiles member   

  • Have the Fly Delta app   

When checking in via the Fly Delta app, eligible customers will receive an invitation to opt in to Digital ID if flying from a Digital ID-enabled airport. Once opted in, Digital ID will become part of a customer’s SkyMiles profile, meaning customers will only need to opt in to the technology once (however, they may choose to opt out at any time).  Customers may also opt in via their SkyMiles profile on  

A screen showing the message customers will receive on their iPhone if eligible for Delta Digital ID.

How It Works  

  • At the airport, Delta Digital ID customers can navigate to a bag drop station and/or security line designated with the green “Digital ID” icon.  

  • The customer will look into the camera at bag drop and/or the security checkpoint to use their digital identity in place of a physical ID. 

  • Once a customer reaches a camera at the airport, their image is encrypted, stripped of biographic information and sent to U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) facial biometric matching service via a secure channel. CBP then verifies a customer’s identity against the CBP image gallery and sends back an indicator to allow the customer to proceed. 

Digital ID, Delta’s time-saving, industry-first technology that allows customers to check bags and move through security without showing a physical government ID, is growing its presence with expansion to three major hubs.


Where is Delta Digital ID available?  

  • Digital ID is available at Delta’s ATL, DTW, LAX, LGA and JFK hubs. 

How do I know if I’ve opted in to Delta Digital ID?   

  • Customers will see a green Delta Digital ID icon on their mobile boarding pass in the Fly Delta app. Without the green icon, a customer does not have Delta Digital ID access.  

How do I know my biometric data is safe with Delta? Isn’t facial recognition invasive/a violation of privacy? 

  • Delta does not store or save any customer biometric information, nor are there plans to.  

Isn’t facial recognition a violation of privacy? 

  • Use of Delta Digital ID and biometrics in lieu of a government-issued ID is always completely optional. The biometrics program uses facial matching technology to automate document checks that are already required by law for travel. This shouldn’t be confused with the application of facial comparison technology in a public space or in a situation in which the presentation of identity documents is not required.   

  • Verifying a customer’s identity against the flight manifest is required by law and has been for many years – facial matching technology is just a different, automated way of performing this task.   

How accurate is Delta Digital ID in identifying a match?  

  • The top-performing algorithms used in biometrics/facial matching technology are close to 99% accurate. Should a match not be identified, a trained staff member will inspect the customer’s ID manually. 

What happens if I do not opt in to Delta Digital ID, or if I decide I want to opt out?  

  • The use of biometrics with Delta Digital ID is completely optional. If an eligible customer does not wish to participate, they can use their government IDs as always (there is no penalty for not opting in).  

Can parties of two or more opt-in to Delta Digital ID? 

  • Yes, provided that all passengers in the party meet eligibility requirements and ensure their opt-in preference has been updated in their Delta profile prior to check-in.  

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