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Perspectives: Delta leaders take the stage at CES 2024

Delta leaders share key insights from their conversations at CES 2024 that illustrate how their work is helping Delta remain ahead of the industry.

Last week, Delta once again returned to Las Vegas for CES 2024. Alicia Tillman, Chief Marketing Officer;  Amelia DeLuca, Chief Sustainability Officer, and Julieta McCurry, VP In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity, took to stages across the world’s largest consumer tech conference to share Delta’s story and their own perspectives on what’s next on the airline’s industry-leading journey.

From modernizing the concept of membership to building strategic partnerships to solving for how best to attract Gen Z customers, one thing is clear – Delta is more than just an airline. It’s a leading consumer brand on a mission to connect deeply with its customers. Below, each of these leaders share key insights from their conversations that illustrate how their work is helping Delta remain ahead of the industry.

Alicia Tillman – Chief Marketing Officer

The energy of CES is always inspiring, but this year was made even more exciting because it was my first CES representing Delta. My personal highlight was hearing so many stories from fellow attendees –and Delta customers – who shared their love of Delta and how much we are a part of their lives.

I was thrilled to join MediaLink on the Marketing Reinvented stage and spend time in The Female Quotient’s Equality lounge for a fireside chat. It was a great opportunity to share my vision for building an experience brand customers love and empowering women and our future generations.

Video courtesy of The Female Quotient.

Amelia DeLuca – Chief Sustainability Officer

Amelia DeLuca at CES 2024.

This was my first time at CES, and the energy was inspiring.  I spoke on the panel “Rising to the Sustainability Challenge: Innovation & Opportunity” alongside sustainability leaders from Panasonic, Volvo Group, and Qualcomm.

The conversation was rich, but there were three themes that hit home:

  1. Building the business imperative into the business
  2. Focus on partnerships
  3. The need for accountability within the industry

We’re always looking to find opportunities to set our business up to be more sustainable every day in every moment and with every business decision we make – from the catering weight on board to the product offerings we provide customers. And while there’s a lot within our control we can do, when we think about decarbonizing aviation, no one team, company or even industry can do it alone. It will take partnerships from within our industry and beyond to make lasting and meaningful change. That’s where data comes in – using data to measure and track progress, set goals, and inform decisions so we can continue to innovate and improve. This is what defines our path forward.

CES 2024-Amelia DeLuca-Group

Julieta McCurry – V.P., In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity

Julieta McCurry-CES 2024

Delta is no stranger to CES. In 2020, we demonstrated how technology in the hands of a purpose-driven, consumer-focused company can redefine consumer expectations. And in 2023, we announced our fast, free Wi-Fi in partnership with T-Mobile. This year presented a unique opportunity for us to take a different approach – one where we showcased a mindset that exists within our organization.

I joined The Female Quotient in their Equality Lounge for a panel titled “The New Wave of Corporate Culture Has Continuous Learning At its Center” – a subject that I find fascinating and aligns with the principles I’ve been advocating within my team. Delta is a company with an innate entrepreneurial and innovative ethos. These fundamental characteristics empower our people to do transformative work that half a million customers traveling on Delta experience each day.  And while the customer is our core focus, we know creating a strong team that’s empowered to be creative and innovative is imperative.

Video courtesy of The Female Quotient.
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