Delta people from frontline employees to directors learned from TED fellows, leaders, and each other how empathy contributes to unmatched customer service.
The Peach Corps' mission: Answer travelers' questions, solve minor problems and guide customers in the right direction, minimizing waiting and frustration.
An Atlanta customer service agent made a big difference for a high-school soccer player with big dreams.
Delta has rolled out 100 handheld devices to help gate agents drive more personal engagements with customers at its home airport in Atlanta.
Delta leverages 'big data' to drive thoughtful customer service in sky
Flight attendants are empowered to deliver enhanced, informed customer recognition.
Delta has taken legal action to stop fraudulent activity by four New Jersey-connected businesses misrepresenting themselves as Delta, including charging customers fictitious fees to process ticket...
group of people smiling at the camera
Reservation Sales, Customer Care and Delta Sales Support (DSS) teams received multiple honors at the 2016 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service event held recently in Las Vegas. The Stevie...
Miracle Network kids in Orlando
Delta Orlando-based employees gave star treatment to 53 Children’s Miracle Network Hospital "Champions," who traveled to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla., for the organization’s annual...