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What you should know about Delta’s Hawaii wildfire response

Delta has contributed $250,000 to the American Red Cross and immediately delivered supplies to Hawaii to support those affected by the wildfires in Maui. Going forward, employees and customers are asked to consider monetary contributions in lieu of material goods to help those impacted most.
American Red Cross staffer Doyle Rader holds hands with Thao Tran

Delta people are stepping up to help those affected by the wildfires ravaging Hawaii, in addition to the airline’s $250,000 contribution to the American Red Cross.

Customers who want to help can make financial contributions through Delta’s microsite in partnership with the Red Cross. Meanwhile, Delta people in Maui have been working tirelessly to compassionately help evacuees board flights to safety, comfort evacuees as they arrive at the airport, and provide basic food and services to customers. In Honolulu, Delta people have comforted evacuees as they arrive to head to shelters after fleeing the disaster and provided support to the Kahului Airport (OGG) operation.

As federal, state and local officials assess needs on the ground in cooperation with nonprofit partners, Delta employees and customers are asked to refrain from donating supplies at this time. Given the logistical challenges of transport, monetary contributions are the best way to get resources to those who need it most.

Below is a look at some of the ways Delta is responding to the unfolding situation:

American Red Cross

Delta customers can support relief efforts for the Hawaii fires by donating through Delta's Customer Microsite, in partnership with the Red Cross. Donations will go toward immediate relief needs. The American Red Cross is Delta's longest-standing non-profit partner, and the partnership has allowed the airline, its customers, and employees to help people in need since 1941.

Waiver in effect

Delta has issued a travel waiver to simplify the rebooking process for customers. Federal, state and local officials have asked visitors to refrain from any planned tourism trips, and volunteers should not travel to the island unless arranged by approved nonprofit agencies.

Immediate supply deliveries

While the collection of supplies is currently on hold, Delta initially delivered shipments of toiletries, diapers, bottled water, food and other goods to support immediate relief efforts. At this time, the focus has shifted to supporting evacuations and financial contributions.


Delta is working closely with government officials and with other airlines to coordinate evacuations for those seeking safety and shelter outside of Maui.

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